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  1. Unfortunately, I have not been able to log in to the game for some time. Since I receive the following message: "Authentication failed. If you received a refund through the store, try repurchasing the item....." A few weeks ago I wanted to buy a 6000 Pearlen package. When I wanted to complete the purchase, I returned to the purchase overview without confirmation of purchase. Since I had problems with the network during that time, I thought there was a similar problem here and I also kicked out of the queue. Therefore I have carried out the purchase a second time... well, I tried that for the third time (yep, im a monkey). Until I checked that the Pearshop didn't show a purchase confirmation on the screen. So at the end I spent 3x6000er packages for about 160 €. Of course, I immediately wrote a ticket. The answer came within 8 hours that the ticket should be written in English. Well, since all the info and questions were in German, I assumed that the Customer Service was in German. But for me that was no problem, directly opening a new ticket in English only. After one week I still haven't received an answer and so I contacted the MS Store customer service. As I thought, maybe the shop is responsible for it, as the invoice is also from MS-Store. The customer service was really nice and very helpful. Rarely has I experienced such good customer service. I was totally happy. I was immediately refunded 2 out of 3 packages. I wanted a Pearllen and the rest of the Pearlen were still ingame in my mailbox. In the meantime I was very busy with my work and was looking forward to a few days vacation. Unfortunately I had to find out the day before yesterday that my account was banned. 2 days ago I opened another ticket, unfortunately I am still waiting for an answer. So BDO is definitely one of my favorite games and I liked to buy something in the Pearlshop from time to time to support the developers (from developer to developer (; ). However, I am currently very disappointed by the customer service and hope that the account will be unbanned soon. Since I haven't answered 2 tickets already, I don't know what to do anymore.
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