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  1. Family Name: Rainfire Region: EU Console: PS4 Link: Twitter - https://twitter.com/Project_Ghost84/status/1227727256606461965
  2. Did they fix this in the end for you guys? It's a problem for us on PS4 now. From what i can tell the problem is the quest "six steps for personal growth" isn't working.
  3. Hi all Just wondering if there's any news on the update plans for PS4? I know that it took time for Pc to get it's first class release, and I also know that they've batch released some classes for Xbox. I'm just wondering if there's any official news or if we've been given a timeframe for any class/awakening release? Main things I'm wondering about is how long it'll take for us to get: New classes, Awakening, Mediah. I've got a 61 Mystic on PC so I'm looking forward to the PS4 version getting caught up with the Xbox version. Thanks!
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