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  1. The price of TETRA and PENTA is very expensive. How do you get enough money to buy them? Where are the bullion of 1000 million? I've been playing for 2 months and I haven't seen one. Thanks.
  2. What are the 3 free slots in the equipment? The one above looks like the drawing of a hood, below something similar to a lantern and on the left, a kind of book. It seems that nothing can be equipped there. Thanks.
  3. Many NPCs in Muuquin doesn´t work. You can't talk to them.
  4. No existen las buenas o malas preguntas. Preguntar siempre es bueno y necesario. Lo que sea. Porque un día puede que tú también lo necesites. Never forget it
  5. Asking is always worth it, as it can lead to other useful questions like yours.
  6. Maybe, but mapping the pressing intensity on the left stick is simple. Many games have it. They should do it. Not being able to walk is quite annoying.
  7. With the same version of PS4 we already have? I hope we don't have to buy the game again in the new console.
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