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  1. This is more of a general questing request, but an option to toggle the feature where quests autocomplete objectives and skip dialogue when you already have the knowledge entry from previous characters playing the quest would be nice. I'd also love an option for quest cutscenes to be rewatchable on alt characters, maybe some kind of movie tab or a toggle option to have them either play once or be repeatable. For example, on the PC version a good portion of the old Valencia 1 storyline just gets skipped if you've already played through it on a character when you go back to do it on an alt. Because so much of it is tied to the acquisition of knowledge entries. This has also been a problem for old players trying the Remastered Story on PC and missing lore-related dialogue and cutscenes due to them having previously discovered the knowledge in the old story (which some could've done years ago). The game just checks to see if you have them already - if you do, it forcibly autocompletes the relevant task, which skips over dialogue and other juicy bits that you might have actually wanted to re-read! For the immersion of the story on the Xbox version, I'd love to see the ability to toggle knowledge checking dialogue and repeatable cutscenes (and if not - a movie tab) so we can get the story almost exactly the same as it was on our first characters.
  2. Aetherhis

    Screenshots for the Firework Event Post

    https://twitter.com/arduanatt/status/1062248354531426306?s=21 Amazing job on the Beta ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Aetherhis

    NPC Voices

    I noticed some of the NPC voices love to say their lines over and over again pretty frequently (Bobby Lauren and Isobelle were doing this a lot, for example.) . While combing through quests, it became a little distracting while I was trying to read dialogue. Hopefully this can be toned down
  4. Aetherhis

    New story

    I highly recommend experiencing the current story and maybe find things you missed 😉! They cannot reveal any changes at this time (crossing my fingers for soon though ❤️), but everything will make more sense when it is revealed! If you want to learn more about Illezra herself I highly recommend doing the Mediah quests!
  5. Aetherhis

    Story Changes?

    That's true that illezra is a huge part of Mediah! But the troubles that happen in the serendia and calpheon areas stem from things Belmorn did...and with Belmorn gone there's no reason why this stuff is suddenly happening. It could just be rewritten as bad stuff occurring out of nowhere that's true! Or drama involving Black Spirits. But it could be rewritten to hint at someone pulling the strings (meaning Illezra) and we later find out who was causing all of that in Mediah. Just throwing in ideas tho, I like to see stories that maintain some kind of connection to each other but not every player has that same preference 😛
  6. Aetherhis

    Story Changes?

    I think that's only half true! I think they're opting to remake the 1-50 main questline in full now that they removed the old content (and judging from data files, I might be correct...but nothing is confirmed!). I'll be honest, the old main quest just wasn't very engaging and didn't connect to the future of the main story, I can see why they ended up sidelining it. It seems like the best route to take would have the Belmorn stuff transform into Illezra making trouble around Serendia/Balenos/Calpheon, and with all that symbolism of her potentially having a Black Spirit as well, I feel like she connects to the Protagonist better. But that's just my own idea. That way we have an antagonist that carries over across multiple storylines.
  7. Aetherhis

    Story Changes?

    I'm pretty into the story Black Desert has to offer and noticed it's gone through some changes over time. Knowing Ill'ezra will be playing a bigger role now, I'm curious to see how different the Xbox version will be compared to PC! I do have some general ideas of changes that could be made, I'd love to see some more info when Beta comes out