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  1. Looking for guild members search DarkAngels here for more details. Thanks
  2. Does anyone know how to redeem the pearl shop free pet code?
  3. I’ve been searching forum after forum also the official site and cannot find any information on when the PlayStation will get the coupons they are a pearl shop item but we don’t have them yet.
  4. Stop feeding him he will stop working I had to do it with one of my best workers but he kept making specialties, I just don’t feed him and he does no work. I’m afraid to sell him because the other worker may step into that position.
  5. Looks like we are going to get two more classes and then more costumes, kinda feel like all that grinding to make costumes and spending points to get a mill wasn’t worth it.
  6. Yeah catching us up with Xbox whom has had a year on us is more of a priority I guess, me personally I could careless if we don’t have as many classes as Xbox that will come man it’s only been what under two months since release.
  7. Yes I too have been grinding away for costumes and cannot get the second perk until the tailoring coupon is released.
  8. Life skills guild looking for more members, accuracy +1, ap +2, damage reduction +1, fishing level 1, max HP +20 There aren’t any strict rules we need to do quilt quest in order to improve the perks and to provide payment, we do quest that help out one another mostly for gathering and cooking, if all of us decide to go fight for a node it can be done as a guild. Thanks for checking us out if this guild is your cup of tea or coffee beer or what have you just reply here and I’ll get in touch with you.
  9. Number one it’s says ps4 Xbox on my screen and it would appear that seeing that your saying this is an Xbox forum that would make it true
  10. Can anyone tell me how to correct this issue without deleting and starting a new account with a different name, I’m obviously on playblackdesertonline I’m he4e and have been right after the beta ended, I’ve been posting but can’t link my psn account and when I go to playblackdesert.com I says my account doesn’t exist. What gives man
  11. I haven’t got a hawk nor email as of yet I reset console three times and still nothing I even sent a ticket
  12. Heya I’m a few days into BDO now and have a clear idea of how the game mechanics go, I am using the sorceress right now and have been working through quest as I do life skills so the ranking up is not going as fast as it was at the beginning, I am looking to join a guild that is laid back I’m willing to do node wars but that won’t be my main concern I do have a mic and discord.
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