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  1. U have to go to cron castle and click on the statue thing from the bs quest. Also sometimes u need to do tachyon quest stonger something where u need to kill 1 stoneback crab. Which are south of velia heading towards heidel. There is that y section in the road that meets back up the crab is in there by a huge rock.
  2. During the Kusha quests is the quest Between Hearts it tells u to tell Illen Paige what Chakra sayes when in fact the npcs name is Illen Raige not Paige. Found this amusing n wanted to share.
  3. So far daily my ring menu locked skills 4k option the lower player visibility character order and quests in profile other than first 2 gets reset. This is really becoming one hell of a nuisance as i have to reconfigure disconnect close app reopen the game every day just to play with my settings n ring menus how i like them. This should be a high priority fix as it hits EVERYONE who plays multiple characters every day.
  4. Ya i use the app daily for cm and whatnot. Used to use it for coupons til it got busted(not sure if its fixed). Still no title
  5. When u hit the buy sell at the bottom is a checkbox thats inventory and storage. Thats how u put it to ur inv. Without having to withdrawl from ur storage.
  6. Awakening for striker and tamer also the ogre ring world bosses will be out on the 20th according to the console bd twitter.
  7. UWU has been around since prelaunch day 1 on ps4. We currently have alot of empty seats in the guild and would like to fill it. We are a blended group of adventurers where some are new to bdo and some from pc/xb. We enjoy all aspects of the game so if ur looking to find a bdo family feel free to let us know. We mostly play on the calpheon 2 server. We are a medium guild with guild passives. We enjoy everything bdo has to offer whether its pve one day lifeskilling the next. We currently do not pvp/node/conquest but are interested in doing it at a later time. The only requirement is being an active player. You dont have to be on daily we get that ppl have lives outside of gaming. Feel free to contact us here or ingame. Guild Leader: Sakika, Glissa, Satina, Gwendlynn of the Sunseeker family Officers: Lukraith, Raith of the Lukrath family Jisoo of the BLACK_PINK family Mx1 of the Hawaii3000 family
  8. I dunno i get that skills dmg are based off of the skills and if they are leveled the skills do more dmg heal more etc etc what im saying is even with my awk skills lvld to 2 or 3 atm and my non awake skills maxed. They dont seem to do as much dmg aside from cymbidium and salpuri purge. Like nether blooming flower IV(pre awake skill) did alot of dmg. Now at max against say basilisks it doesnt even take a group to half hp. Whereas my deadly dance II (awakened skill) will nearly kill a group. But my ap is 20 points higher than awakened ap. So what im saying is is that i dont understand how dmg works in the game because skill dmg and ap dmg should factor in. so if i take my bnf skill dmg which is like 700 some plus ap comes up to more dmg than dd dmg plus awk ap. So why does it do a crap ton less dmg?
  9. Lemme rephrase what im trying to get at here. With my ap almost 20 points higher now than my awakened ap my awakened wep deals more dmg by massive amounts. Is that the purpose of awakening? I thought it was just to get another wep type n skills to play with.
  10. Honestly i dont even care anymore. With ppl quitting daily and valencia out now its easier to find a grind spot. 40% to go to get lahn to 60 but dayum my eyeballs go crossed with constant grinding.
  11. lonelysphinx


    Right. My poor little guys only t1 and the rest of my pets are t3. Feelsbadman
  12. From my understanding dandelion ie karanda will come with the kamasylvia update as its part of that. But i agree with a better awakening wep. At tri ult my awakening wep feels a bit underwhelming as my ap is 180+ but my awkap is 170 roughly.
  13. So as im reading through this ive come to realize that 1. yes alot of ppl would want pve servers 2. itll never happen 3. pkers should be punished in some way. As of right now the game encourages ppl to make others game experience less fun/rewarding....doesnt that kinda fall into the realm of cyber bullying and or griefing??? And here goes the flood of comments... GO!!!
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