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  1. Cant wait. Im 59 at 21.538% n i cant seem to find anymore quests to do other than repeats. Im sure i missed alot but i havent ran across any in a few days.
  2. Hi a guildee of mine had a liverto kriegsmesser i was going to buy. So i put a preorder in at a price where there were no preorders. He sold it at that price but i never recieved the wep. Is this a bug because if he sold it at the price i preordered and i didnt get it then someone who had a different price did. I would love for a gm to actually breakdown how the central market works because with no p2p trading the only way is through central market and apparently its wrong, not working as intended, or just there to screw with ppl????
  3. As the title suggests wiil this game have pure pve servers where flagging is disabled? Im lvl 59 and cant finish a few quests because some red jackoff from a big(probably p2w) guild pretty much lives. I didnt have many problems with red players until now and its really starting to leave a sour taste. Tbh had i known pking was a thing in bdo i wouldnt have even bought it considering it always ruins my mood. I love to lvl quest and just enjoy the game. U cant do that when some a**hat keeps jumping on u saying its HIS area. Grow the fk up kid n enjoy the game ur not the best at the game or even close was my answer. So ya pure pve servers a thing on pc and or a possibility? If not i feel i wasted 90 bucks as it will slowly eat at my soul until i cant even load the game cuz im not having fun with red monkeys on my back.
  4. Lols id love to see him get to 59. Imho thats where the real grind starts. Feelsbadman but at the same time. Cya nerd lols.
  5. Ya i was reading the class launches from pc n a few were like 4 months after last class release. Most were like 6-10months in between launches. I feel for xbox having to wait a longer period than us ps4 players but to be fair xbox version was out 5 1/2 months b4 ps4 n i believe they are playing catch up now to get xbox/ps4 evened out in content n whatnot hence last update only a wagon n guild boss. Which is fine by me they can roll out whatever whenever. Id love for the lahn to come shes the class i want as my main. Id love for a new area to come with new quests mobs n knowledge only because the 59-60 grind is seriously killin me its so freakin boring seeing the same mobs over and over. And no matter what mobs be it helms sausans pirates or shults its .001% per kill. This is how u can tell bdo is a korean game at heart. They love the grindfests. Me i like the quests n lore. Some pretty damn good consec questlines in the game. Alot of interesting sidequests also.
  6. For suggestions id love a chat filter option. The simple fact u cant spell class or kunoichi is just plain dumb. Im mean u got a bagillion classes in total so obviously that word gets thrown around. ALOT. And kunoichi is one one the classes and u cant even put it in chat. Like seriously wtf is this bs. Other suggestions which are in bugs is plz for the love of everything get the 4k option to stick nothing sucks more than logging in only to find the 4k option is turned off. Click ok triangle close game reboot only to find the order i had my characters in has been reverted to original creation date.....also the horrid invisiwalls are everywhere especially in and around calpheon city. Plenty more but to me those are the major suggestions. Oh one last thing. Gimme da lahn for cryin out loud lols....
  7. That should be obtainable in valencia id assume. Right now im at 146 ap using black abyssal and roaring magic ornament. We dont have alot of options as of yet for gs. Being that we got kzarka and some field bosses they just added in where we can enhance asula accessories.
  8. Figured as much. I wanna run through kamasylvia so bad. It looks absolutely astounding from what i saw in vids n pix.
  9. @Linxz oh the wagon cracked me up lols. To be fair though the wagon is pretty bada** lookin. And the griffin looks insane. As a ps4 player honestly i dont care what they bring out except lahn. Shes the only class im truely lookin forward to. I dont get why the op is boohooing. Ive been playing since prelaunch and have plenty to do and now that i retired my ranger for the dk im having alot of fun. How is the desert and kamasylvia? Which came first?
  10. It was an xbox stream so wouldnt it be for xbox players??
  11. Loving the dk she hits hard but i feel being a cqc her defense should be a bit higher. However if u can properly use dusk ur good to go. Only downfall i have with the class is the fact i cant turn off the double tap right left dusk part. I hit that way too often when i dont want to.
  12. Ps4 shares xbox timer but i use mmotimer.com/bdo change server to na ps4.
  13. Started having this issue a few days ago. Also changing characters around at character selection screen resets. Hopefully they fix these problems. Getting really annoying to log in turn on 4k then reboot game everytime i play the game.
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