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  1. Theres a menu to the topleft 3, its stripes, if you scroll down theres a option to login. If the link isnt working, try googling black desert console or black desert ps4.
  2. Did you make a account on News section of the site? Cuz thats a different account than the forum account.
  3. The hunter quest: "[Time attack] Quick and Accurate" is bugged. The quest shows no timer. After the quest shows it completed the quest giver will say time has expired. I killed the 15 hunt targets under 5 mins.
  4. Is it possible to get a sort button or make it so the list autosort the guild member list. I would like to see online members on top and less active ones on the bottom.
  5. Whenever me or a group member uses more than 1 boss summoning scroll (daily/weekly blackspirit), we seem to get stuck in the summoning cutscene. The boss appears and until it hits us we are stuck for quite a while. Sometimes before im unstuck the boss is half dead, because another member got hit first and was able to fight.
  6. He should have a option to steal from him by pressing triangle. Dunno if you need to holster weapon (R3).
  7. Did you holster your weapon (R3)? Holster weapon and walk close to a chair or wall will enable the observe menu.
  8. I reinstalled the game and was able to play again.
  9. Was playing the game, it seemed to have crashed after i send a msg on psn to a friend. Now every time i try to log in it gives me a CE-34878-0 error. The game starts normaly, i can press x on title screen. It crashes me on the next screen where you select start. Sometimes im able te get pass this screen and select my character and select a server. But then when it is done loading it gives the same error. Ive tried rebooting and rebuilding database, but this does not work. Is this server related due to heavy load? Or is my game corrupted?
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