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  1. Pve doesn't matter much tbh. I'm talking pvp.
  2. Right now I have 349 accuracy on paper...I've also heard bhegs has 50 hidden accuracy on top of the 46 at tri... I'm using 2 tri rce and trintree belt.. only 213 ap tho. Should I run full ap accessories with tet helrick? Or .. focus accuracy(seems like I'm sacrificing too much ap right now though) using a kutum at the moment
  3. That what I was thinking. Which is why I'm considering just getting an internal ssd for my current ps4
  4. So... I seriously need a bdo upgrade.. I currently have an OG ps4.. should I get a ps4 pro? Or just get an ssd for my crappy og ps4?
  5. It's because of the event item drops
  6. I've only ever had 1 drop at rogues personally
  7. If you dont like pvp you should probably quit BDO
  8. So been having this issue in node wars every single time. I see the enemy at their base but they are not moving and I cannot hit them... then they randomly rubber band everywhere and vanish.. this only ever happens in node wars..
  9. You probably were trying to buy at a price noone was selling. When doing your preorder check under price. It will tell you at what price it's currently being sold and how many
  10. We are supposed to get all awakenings on the 25th right? Only seen posts about 4 classes so far
  11. This forum is for big reports and that's what I'm doing. and yes we clicked participate. And yeah we have reported this. Not sure why your ao butthurt
  12. So multiple node wars in a row now not a single person(sometimes only one person able to) has been able to damage the opponent's base.. this has become serious waste of time and guild funds
  13. As a sorc I personally have 240 accuracy atm. That's mostly just from asula and helric offhand couple with the accuracy on my mainhand
  14. I know its shown on your individual gear pieces idk about the total
  15. Depends on your gear. But if you have the P and accuracy you can grind either sausans or pirates. Quests are also an option since the yellow xp Crystal's give 1% per quest at that lvl
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