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  1. I fish in calpheon and went from beginner to artisan on my skiller. I don’t want to setup a river fishing account because like the first post said running from calpheon to epheria to hotspot fish then run back to calpheon just to afk later is just a little annoying. Was trying to Get the shai up to hotspot fishing noticed that she was unable to catch blue and yellow, and basically wanted to confirm. Of course I do still use the artisan fishing account just mainly when there is an event with increased relics.
  2. Velia, but I stopped fishing on her when I posted this. She was at apprentice 8 if I remember correctly, the account I went back to is artisan 2 and I’ve done quite a bit of afking on it at heidel, calpheon, and velia. From what I remember I was able to catch a gold or two in an inventory afkng even at the beginner levels on my artisan 2 character.
  3. Hello all, I started hotspot fishing on my skiller not long ago. Running from Calpheon to Port Epheria just to fish some hotspots and then come back to cook or process or whatever it may be in calpheon was getting tedious. So I used my shai to run through the story and grab a ton of inventory slots. When I started training fishing with the balenos rod that I used on my skiller, i never caught a single blue fish or gold in a collective 10 hours of afk fishing maybe even more. I know the game references blue fish as larger fish, but I can’t find a mention of it anywhere that shai wouldn’t be able to fish them. Have I wasted a few hours running through the story again???? My logic was to used the energy I’d have afk fishing to gather for sharps and hards seeing as she started with professional gathering (pro 10 at the moment).
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