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  1. Yes pking players are mad... muah muah cry over this game encourages pvp and gives a reward of 50% and what about those who dont have eniugh time and come back and wanna get 1-3h per week to play the game.? But a pk always on the good spots.... shs you like to pk without notice or regards of others.... why shoul anyone care, besides your own kin? Haha thats right............!!!!! You just care about yourselfs
  2. I tried with a 1g bar but nothing ..... is it 10g or 100g?
  3. God of Fight ( Brodie )..... i accepted quest then it gave me 2 quest line to complete -Persuade Brodie -Persuade Brodie But but it dosnt show where or how to persuade him it dosnt show anything.... so i cant complete this quest any help would be apreciate it....
  4. Well i Just fixed the problema..... And yah i know this is the wrong place to post it.... But i guess help its internacional or isnt...? Its like someone ask, hey what time it is...? Oh sorry your not american you should ask an american person for answers....etc either way back to topic i had to conect Controller to New Ps4 and then conect it back to mine and it works now.....
  5. Ok better than tell you i will show You ( i speak little english so bear with me ) You can see at some point on the video that when i press square a mouse icon shows at left corner of screen.... When i conecta a mouse i can move the icon around but thats it...... ( when i say save file i mean some type of, save Controller setting )
  6. Hello well this is my problem......i was autorunning when i was searching the menu.... then the controller stopped working.... i thought i DC or something....( but i could still see other running around and hatting at server chat... ) well i restart game when i logged back in... i couldnt click X to start the game.... i restarted playstation started the game again but still couldnt press X i click home button and the controller was working fine around the ps4 menu X working fie and all... i went back in the game still couldn't press X to start game... i clicked share button controller was working fine then switch back jn game but nothing.... then i change controller.... wallah it worked..... everything worked fine i Could press X and start game, everything worked fine..... i was in game i switched back into the other Controller.... but had same proble .... odd thing is i couldnt press X but i can press Option... and whe im ingame i press Square and it shows a mouse icon...... i ve tried everything... and i came into a conclusion that this game has a save file of somekind for each controller and 1 got locked... since theres no way for me to delete this fking save file for my controller now its useless... unless you provide me with a solution.... because if this happens to anyother player outthere ( that it will sooner or later ) and they onky have q controller this will be a big problem... i hope you can tell me a way to fix this asap... and if you dont have any way of fixing it please say so.... !!!!! ( now im sczred of getting locked on my other controller )please help.... YOU CAN SEE HERE WHEN I CLICK SQUARE WHAT SHOWS.... A MOUSE ICON DONT KNOW WHY SINCE I DONT HAVE ANY MOUSE CONECTED (i tried conecting a mouse and disconecting it but still nothing )
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