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  1. Soon ™ It is part of the path so hopefully before end of year.
  2. It happens to me too, but don't really pay attention to it much.
  3. The trees are haunting you now that you killed them.
  4. The only way I was able to fix it was reinstalling the game. The last parch messed it up somehow.
  5. I just noticed when I zoom in on my character the focus is blurry on my character is there a way to fix this?
  6. Will they be giving us more character slots too?
  7. They are given out as event rewards at times, but other than that only pearl shop.
  8. Same here, just noticed this last night as I did a guild quest for first time.
  9. I never noticed this until last night when I was doing some guild missions. I hope this is not a thing and gets fixed.
  10. reb101

    Skill Hotkey

    Oh I have done that, but I like to have other options, too. Just a improvement that could be done.
  11. I am loving my ranger right now, but archer will be mine when it is released. My next level up will be either a witch or Zerker.
  12. Yeah relogging in seems to work, but think its a bug. It is beta after all.
  13. Have you checked you email should send you a code.
  14. reb101

    No PS Plus

    Only Free to play games don't require plus. ESO does require PS plus, btw. Also if it require subscription fee the plus is waived as SoloTyrant said.
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