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  1. When I tried to get to brellin farm the path was blocked. When my horse knocked me off trying to push through a red message say "this is a restricted area". I need to get there to level up from 59 to 60 using quest line which include 1% exp quests and one 30% quest(yes this is brellin quest I am talking about, not the 3 musketeers at Susan outpost). So has anyone tried to get to Brellin farm and does anyone know when will there be access to the place?
  2. Where is the jukebox vender?
  3. This is about investigating a petrified worker(gain knowledge) to complete the quest. It's been an hour and I still don't get the required knowledge. I think this quest it bugged. Can someone let the GM know about this?
  4. I searched google on how to get Shakatu's Seal. I think it was an event. If so I think I am too late. Am I to late?
  5. Ok, so I know after the quests up to level 50 have exp and that you need to grind from helms to level 55 and so on. What I want to know is where to get quest exp at 56-60? My highest levelled toon is a wizard that is at level 58.
  6. Ok so give me a guess which month for archer release? February or march? Or do you guess it will take longer?
  7. I use to get exp from quest when I make a new character. I don't see much exp gain from the quest I do. Does anyone know what is going on? And is there a place I can level up? I am level 53 Valkyrie.
  8. So how many more classes to release(not including archer)?
  9. Does anyone know when archer is released for ps4? Could it be in January 2020 or next month? Google does not say.
  10. Is it possible to craft flint's juice or can it only be required by daily rewards?
  11. Ok so like tamer is there awakening for shai coming soon?
  12. The quest is called Palm Forest Boy V and I need to gain amity. Does anyone know how much amity I need for this quest? And should I do other quests to complete the Palm Forest Boy V instead of gaining amity?
  13. Ok, I will explain wifi repeaters(the only way to increase wifi speed unless you are wired) and external expansion hard drives(only buy at stores like BestBuy since online buying external hard drives may not be expansion). When you get an external hard drive make sure the USB cable is blue tip part that connects to ps4 and another end(3.0) connects to external hard drives. Ps4 will recognize the external hard drive as expansion storage( if not then bring hard drive back and ask for Expansion external hard drive). Your games will load quicker when transferred to the external hard drive. The regular ps4 internal hard drives will be slow for black desert including the frames. I have a regular ps4(not slim or pro) and had the same slow problem. When I got the Seagate external hard drive(2 TB) and transferred to it. The game loaded much faster and less invisible walls and framed increased and I don't have a wifi repeater since my ps4 is directly connected to the modem through Lan set up. Now if you know the above info and still have a problem you can google SATA external hard drives 3.1 USB cable. The 3.1 USB cable transfers 10gb of data transfer. It's expensive and 3.0 ones are ok for me. Wifi repeaters increase wifi speed up to 300mbps(for a $29.00 one on Amazon may be cheaper for you) and range close to or more of 600sqft and can work your slow internet speed(even 30 mbps speeds). You can use more then one wifi repeater(when getting another make sure to get same type or there could be electronic communication complications). Hope this helps.
  14. Can anyone confirm if the same amount of concentrated black stone used on green grade gear will be the same for ultimate grade gear? I googled and no where mentions about this.
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