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  1. this is not how to earn loyal players.... it pisses me off that I have to pay more money after spending so much already.
  2. Adventurers! The Black Desert Team is aware of the issue where refunded Edition items are available in our Adventurers’ inventory. This situation occurs when Adventurers purchase 1 version of Black Desert, refunds the Edition purchased, and then purchases another Edition of Black Desert. Example: Adventurer purchases Deluxe Edition of Black Desert. Adventurer requests refund for Deluxe Edition of Black Desert to Sony. Adventurer purchases Ultimate Edition of Black Desert. Adventurer enters game and see both Deluxe and Ultimate Edition rewards in inventory. In cases like the above, if the refunded item was consumed or if the item in question is placed in the storage, the adventurer’s account will be blocked from entering the game in the next update. Worry not! There are ways to prevent your accounts from being blocked from the game before the next update. Here are a few ways in order to prevent your account from being blocked. Solution 1: Leave the refunded item in the Mail (Do not move the item in question to your inventory)! Solution 2: If you have already moved the refunded item into your inventory, leave the item in your inventory (Do not consume the chest item)! “AH! I’ve consumed the chest and am already using the item! Am I going to be blocked forever?” No! Adventurers can still prevent their accounts from being blocked by purchasing Pearls in the equivalent amount of the refunded Edition and leaving the Pearls in their Mail! Standard Edition - 3,000 Pearls Deluxe Edition - 2,000 Pearls + 3,000 Pearls totaling 5,000 Pearls Ultimate Edition - 10,000 Pearls
  3. yeah.. only now I cant play at all since the update.. it says cannot log in during refund. only i never refunded anything. https://discord.gg/EmTR4R is our r.p discord group for bdo
  4. same here... It wont let me log in since the update. i even submitted a ticket.. but still no answer. starting to feel like I wasted my money... -w-;
  5. I made a ranger got her to lvl 14 and then I made a sorc. just testing out the class an see witch I like best.. tho I really want my main to be a shai character.. so im just waiting for it to come to ps4 lol
  6. Idk.. I really just wanted to have a shai character but its not going to me on ps4.. soo.. maybe ranger.. or sorcerers..? Idk.. Iv never played it before on any platform so this will be interesting.
  7. yes!! I like to r.p! im getting pumped for this game! >.<; Iv never played it before tho.. IM a lil bummed I cant make my shai character yet tho.. So I dono what I want to make first.. a ranger or or a sorcerers... >.<;
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