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  1. Who are you to tell people what to do about a broken product they paid good money for? People keep asking for performance fixes and as of yet, 8 months later, there has been radio silence apart from one executive harping on about how they aim to deliver and the odd CM cookie cutter response saying "I'll pass it along" or "the team are looking into it." So no. People shouldn't "just leave" because some moron thinks that's a rational thing to demand. They should be asking what the hell is being done about the problems. Get off your cross, we need the wood.
  2. To get around trademarks and copyright infringement all you would have to do is make Dr_Death on Xbox appear with green text, and Dr_Death on PS appear in blue. Problem solved, everyone keeps their name and it's clear who is who and on which console.
  3. It was tolerable (despite being a Β£60 game with Β£30 "micro"transactions) before cross play was implemented, but now it's an appalling experience. One of my Guild members described how he felt nauseous after an hour of trying to play this stuttering mess. I've collected 5 months of video showing just how terrible this is and will be editing and uploading it before sending a copy to Sony. This game should not be sold as a finished product when it's barely working at the level of an Alpha test and it constantly feels like you are playing over a dial-up connection. What galls me more is that for 6 months we've been promised performance would be addressed only for it to get worse, yet the Pearl Shop has constant updates and issues are fixed within hours. I love the game, but apart from a daily login I can't bring myself to play it. It's broken and nobody seems to be doing anything but talk about it for 2 mins, then forget about it for 2 months. It has got to the stage where frustration is on a high level amongst players I've spoken to on PS4, with many either moving to PC or quitting altogether (mostly the latter.)
  4. 6 months and they've done nothing but remove stuff which has had no impact. I can't go 5 mins without constant stuttering and the invisible walls are still present especially around Calpheon. A timeframe and at least some sort of acknowledgment from PA would go a long way, but won't bring back over half my Guild who have quit over just how terrible performance is.
  5. I bought this at Β£60 and spent a lot more on top early on. Now I can barely stand turning the game on just for the login bonus. It's a mess. As PA seem to be doing little I'm considering contacting Sony as they are pretty good at shaking up companies whose games are well below standards and this one is and has been since launch. The only thing that ever works 100% and gets constant attention is the Pearl Shop. That should tell you everything you need to know about the future of BD on PS4.
  6. In terms of QoL it's a big step backwards. Might be fine on PC but for console it's just not user-friendly.
  7. If it runs worse than it already does on OG PS4 then the game will be literally unplayable. It's already shockingly bad, and for a full price title with completely overpriced items I don't hold out much hope that any of this will get fixed.
  8. That passive-aggressive job application was interesting to read, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Long story short, PA need to focus on making this game stable on console. Once the game is running properly then by all means go ahead and talk about the monetization and financial side until your nose bleeds. People aren't leaving because of the ham-fisted handling of both the Pearl Shop and the (subjectively) horrible pricing of cosmetics, or indeed the P2W underbelly, they are leaving because the game performance is, at best, at the level of a decent Alpha test build or a poor Beta. I'm considering putting a revolving door at the entrance to our Guild Discord. The reason continually given for those leaving the game, alongside an apology to everyone, is that they can't put up with how the game runs. The severe lag/lag spikes, horrific stuttering, extremely bad texture loading/rendering, continual "invisible walls", frame dips during combat (but not exclusive to)...the list goes on. And on. Oh, and on. If PA wants a healthy playerbase, including whales, manatees, dolphins, sucker-fish...whatever...then they need to fix the damn game and everything else will fall into place after. Even the most cursory glance at the forum or reviews across the board on the internet will give you an idea of the frustrations around the console releases. I know I said long story short, but getting this point across is something that could have been a lot more detailed and lengthy, so let's call it the "condensed" version. If you got this far, thank you for taking the time to read this.
  9. Half my Guild are having issues logging in since the server maintenance. I have been kicked to the main screen twice while in activities. There are multiple complaints in Server and World chat. Just thought I'd let you know you are not alone and the issues are across the EU region.
  10. I'll pop it on here for those that need it. πŸ‘ https://discord.gg/VZpUbzD
  11. EU. Unfortunately. We take the lag and issues right on the chin. πŸ˜‰
  12. It's like everything else in BD, pure RNG. It took 3 days for me to get my first one, and some have had 2-3 in that time. You will know when one is available via a notification, so keep plugging. It'll happen. Best of luck.😊
  13. The pay is based on your contract length and we do the majority of our guild missions at the weekend when we are all on. It's a small guild, but very friendly and help each other as much as possible. It's about having fun for us, that's key.
  14. We are a small, mature English speaking lifeskill guild. We do Guild Quests/PvE/Boss. Discord available. Find us on server S2 or message here to join. No requirements.
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