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  1. There is no need, every game on the xbox one will able to be played on the series x.
  2. You had 18 characters at 58,why not 17 and a ever 49 life skill alt?
  3. If you want the sub weapon you'll have to get it yourself, the class has been out for 2 days so most people are using the weapons they get for repairs.
  4. No there were shortswords being sold thanks to people both playing as and rerolling off of ninja.
  5. Use imperial cooking then you need 5 cookies and 1 marshmallow.
  6. I think the game is worth trying. The game offers a lot of content and multiple classes to play. Although the PvP is for the most part gear > skill it can still be fun at times.
  7. If you think the game is dead then go play something else. Plenty of people on the NA servers so lossing you won't hurt the game at all.
  8. The game is not dead on the NA servers so stop calling it dead.
  9. It's still rng but the top 20, 50, and 70 have better chances then everyone else.
  10. https://bddatabase.net/us/npc/23001/ Here is the drop table for kzarka as a world boss Node level doesn't effect world boss loot table.
  11. Why does the sicarios set come with a kunai skin when ninja mostly uses shuriken?
  12. The wicked cultist has been in the game since day 1 on Xbox.
  13. Sometimes I forget about fighting the world bosses and the 1st time they spawn each day I'm not at my controller.
  14. Here are a few screenshots of my dark knight
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