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  1. falleneagle

    Ninja sicarios outfit

    Why does the sicarios set come with a kunai skin when ninja mostly uses shuriken?
  2. falleneagle

    Cultist Knowledge New Entry?

    The wicked cultist has been in the game since day 1 on Xbox.
  3. Sometimes I forget about fighting the world bosses and the 1st time they spawn each day I'm not at my controller.
  4. falleneagle

    Lets see your DK's

    Here are a few screenshots of my dark knight
  5. falleneagle

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    So that's what your shai looks like
  6. falleneagle

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Region: NA Shai character name: Weichuu
  7. I turn my tv off whenever I afk fish for hours.
  8. falleneagle

    Cultist Knowledge New Entry?

    Do you have knowledge on the cultist assassin?
  9. This quest isn't showing up on my wizard, I've done it on all 9 of the other classes. Would it help if I sent my magical dagger to a different character or will there be a fix for this?
  10. falleneagle

    Your console for BDO

    I upgraded to the xbox one x just for this game