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  1. I already said I do bot know if this is happening to everyone because they could have the save settings in their save data application section while we don't. It is something I'm pretty sure we have to ask Sony about it because it sounds like a console issue instead of a BDO issue. You need to keep in mind that not all consoles work exactly the same. There will come issues that you might experience but your friends won't encounter it even if you both bought your consoles at the same time. That's why each consoles have their own serial numbers to help differentiate between console models. This is also why I wanted @CM_Valtarra to chime in on it to confirm one last time that the problem is not happening on PA side for BDO. This way we can redirect the issue over at Sony and see why our consoles are not saving these settings.
  2. Think I found out why our ring menu, settings, and character orders keep getting reset at least on consoles. Our consoles do not have a save settings in its save data applications section for BDO so our settings are constantly being reset. I do not know if we all don't have the save settings there but when I checked there was nothing in there for BDO which might account for why PA says nothing is wrong on their end. This is something I think we have to send to Sony.
  3. Have tested it and can confirm it will not let you set auto-paths to non-node locations. You can't even remove the auto-path either so it feels like you are hard locked out of this feature once set. This will affect players who use auto-path to ark train their horses.
  4. I have my crop fields near Hiedele, I never tried to set up my crops near Celia because I remember seeing a YouTube video where the creator said Velia had issues with crops in its surrounding area because majority of players use it. Try setting up a separate fence in Hiedele or one of the less popular area and see if it still won't let you water your crops. If it doesn't then it's something to report in the bugs section or send in a ticket for.
  5. I agree with this because 5 minutes to get to Alejandro's farm from where ever you're grinding at players will just be like "I won't make it in time and none of my Alts are near there either with matchlocks so I won't bother to try." Player who actually show up are so few in numbers than when the event initially started. Spawn time of 3 to 6 hours is not much for players to plan with because it's random and not set. Also not sure but is the green event frosted matchlock transferable between players?
  6. So I moved my game into the console storage location for their application and it still resets the ring menu whenever I log out of the game properly and play a different online game which leads me to believe it is a communication error on Sony's end as to why our settings are not being saved for BDO. Its just my belief not what could be happening. If @CM_Valtarra could shed some light on this it'd be great.
  7. You use this link right here: http://www.console.playblackdesert.com/support That will take you to the customer support section where you can send in tickets. Hope they give you some better suggestions than what I gave you.
  8. This works for me all the time even purified water still works for me. I stand in my garden and use the item from my inventory and I check on my garden and see the water level increased by 20%. I have yet to encounter this problem with my crops. Are you sure your garden is dry on water? Also crops will not get the water during snow or rain and your character will straight up drink it instead.
  9. The honey is a quest drop item and does not physically take up space in your inventory. Kill the parasitic bees and the honey should drop, if I'm reading your problem right. Also reselecting the quest from the quest menu will update your navigation for quests other than Black Spirit quest because they are the main quests for BDO and will update automatically. Every other quests are considered side quests/miscellaneous quests and navigation will not update automatically. Now if I read your problem wrong and it is not updating after selecting the quest from the quest tab or killing the parasitic bees again then I'd suggest you follow @CM_Valtarra suggestion. Sorry it took me a while to respond but I had to make a new character to test this quest out my self and no problems have occurred. If the problem still occurs I'd try changing server channels and see if that helps. Also what server channel did this happen to you on so I can try another character on that server channel. If your main server is EU then I can't help since I'm on the NA servers. Also I did this quest on the Serendia-1 server channel with no problems at all. Hope you got the issue resolved.
  10. I've encountered this save settings bug as well. Even when you properly log out of the game your settings reset as if being overwritten by other games. Ring menu, settings in general, even my inventory reverts back to unsorted. The way I'm seeing this problem occur is communication errors between the ps4 and the servers. It might be the ps4 that's having the issue but the thing is I bought a brand new ps4 pro last week and I'm getting this problem as well. I am currently playing on the Serendia-1 server channel and I do not know if any of the other server channels have the same problem because no one here stated the server channel they use. Also I have BDO installed on an external Hard Drive and that might be the problem will try moving it onto ps4 storage system and see if that fixes it. It's really wasn't that much of an issue til I noticed it resets if I play another online game. Will let you know after the move or reinstallation proves to be fruitful or not.
  11. Out of curiosity your fiance knows how to navigate the new UI and is not seeing the quest pop up from the npc's quest tab right? If that is the case he will most likely have to send a ticket as you have stated he exhausted every other option. Also has he changed servers to see if it just doesn't work on the server he's currently on, ie: not showing up on Balenos-1 switch over to Balenos-2 or maybe Serendia-1. If server hopping doesn't help either then again sending in a ticket might be his best bet. Hope you get the issue resolved.
  12. No this has not happened to me. As far how you can tell what their exp is at there's a yellow bar next to their stamina and underneath the time remaining for the task, that displays their experience. Many people confuse this for their time on task but there's already a time display for the task so it would be redundant to display the time in bar format. If your exp bar is not moving after each task is complete then you have to submit a ticket. However I will suggest canceling their tasks and waiting til they finish their last task then restart them and see if that fixes the problem. This is only if you have them on repeat at max which is 50k times. Again if my suggestion does not solve the issue you will have to submit a ticket. Even if you're wondering if anyone else has the problem I'd still recommend sending in a ticket so the Developers can work on a fix ASAP incase it becomes a problem for anyone else. Hope you resolve the issue and if anyone else has the same problem be sure to chime in because the more data and feedback submitted the faster the devs can locate the source of the problem.
  13. If you left your boat inside the safe zone of the harbor your ship will automatically be stored after a few hours of not using it. Check with the wharf manager to see if your boat is there and if not send in a ticket. Hope this helps.
  14. Am I the only one that sees this thread turned into one big PvP battle? Y'all may not know or even think this but PvP is more than just physical conflict it is also verbal conflict as well. I've read this entire thread and not one person from the PvE side of the conflict has even taken the time to state the Pros or Cons and the restrictions that a PvE server will or could have. Don't get me wrong I love PvE but even I get bored of it from time to time. So lemme give you some of the pros and cons and restrictions that would most likely come with a PvE server. Pros: A different avenue for players to explore away from the PvP aspect of the game. Rise in more players and returning players. Peace of mind. Possible dungeon instances. Cons: Cutoff from the main servers meaning you won't be able to transfer characters to the server. Have to make a new character from scratch. Overpopulated servers with crowded grind spots meaning more lag. Level caps and severely limited endgame content. No guild system, node wars or conquest wars. No RBF or PvP system at all. PvPers flooding the servers out of spite (I've seen this happen before.) Restrictions: No character slot expansions would most likely be the only restriction I could see. These are just some things off the top of my head that could happen to PvE server and I see it having little affect on the main servers, whether or not any of this will actually have anything I've stated remains to be seen. However it all comes down to whether PA considers adding a PvE server is a worthwhile investment. They do have something similar to this but it's strictly for returning players to catch up on the updates they missed on PC, think it's called the Olvia servers but like I said earlier its for returning players only and they only allowed in there for a set amount of time. Now having said all that this suggestion has become more than a suggestion and become more of a Debate which should you guys want to continue your debate on whether this would be a good idea or bad, please move it to the General Discussions section. And seeing how its been added to her report to the devs I'd like to ask @CM_Valtarra to close this thread before it goes further beyond what it was originally intended for.
  15. This has been asked about a lot during the live streams and they have stated numerous times its been delayed because it was a huge mess when releases on Xbox so to prevent the mess from happening on ps4 they are double checking, triple checking making sure the same mistakes are not made. But we are getting them it's just a matter of when all the issues are resolved. Also the road map is list of objectives the devs would like to get done however they don't always happen in order.
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