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  1. It is referring to Prefessional 1 which is the tier for lvl s 31- 40. Here's how the tiers are labeled: Beginner 1-10 Apprentice 11-20 Skilled 21-30 Professional 31-40 Artisan 41-50 Masters 51+ (not sure if there is a cap for life skills) Hope this clears up any confusion about what you need to get your trophies.
  2. Takmatt

    Sever lag

    My lag problem, from earlier, was solved by simply reatarting the game. If you are still encountering lag and have not yet restarted your game I'd recommend trying that. If this does not solve the problem then I'm out of helpful options.
  3. Since the release of Shai and Mystic class the hide player function in the settings does not seem to work even after turning it off and back on again. It's become problematic everytime I go to World Boss and the players remain visible throughout the fight and even after dying and coming back they remain visible. The lag is bad and I even started rubber banding. I've submitted a ticket earlier today in case it was just me but I'm posting this thread just incase it isn't my problem. I miss this function so much not just at the World Bosses but in town as well.
  4. Takmatt

    Sever lag

    Similarly the game has been lagging for me before getting hit with a loading screen. This has happened mid combat amd always lags before getting hit with a loading screen. At the moment I have my character parked in town to avoid any unnecessary death that might occurs during the next time it lags and forces me to a loading screen. Also on the NA server and it started today when I logged on. Chat has been saying it could be my internet but since I've had no prior lag or loading issues before today it makes me doubt it's my internet. I can only guess the issue is coming from server side or PSN.
  5. This has happened to me as well and I've been trying to source the root of the problem to it. From what I can tell it seems to bug out if you swap characters without going back to character select screen, so it's reading your previous character ring menu instead of your current one. Haven't tested to see if it does the same thing even if you opt to go back to character selection, but I have a theory if it does do the same thing that somewhere in the coding it has it marked saved settings per family and not per character. I'm not a coder so I really have no idea what happened just thought I'd offer some details in hopes of helping narrow down places the devs need to look to fix the problem. Or if the devs found the problem and are currently fixing it then I guess I'll wait til another update comes along that fixes the issue. After all it's not really breaking the game so I can put up with the fuss of reassigning my ring menu.
  6. Relogged and my pets are back. However it may not be a bug but it could be a glitch and it might not be resolved by simply relogging so I leave the thread open in case anyone has a similar problem and relogging does not fix it.
  7. All my pets jist vanished from the pet menu and from my house, I can't find them anywhere. They were there yesterday because I feed them all. Anyone else having this issue? Will try relogging to see if it fixes the issue, will update once i've tried.
  8. Your tip just saved me from sending in a ticket. The whole console restart worked.
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