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  1. Firstly, I had no part in making & do NOT take credit for any of the following information. Creators are attributed in the actual guides. Just trying to compile it in one place to help some aspiring Nins that may have not known about it. The Ninja/Kunoichi discord, full of a bunch of experienced people to answer questions across all platforms: https://discordapp.com/invite/ninjakuno This is a comprehensive Ninja guide (gear/build theories, skills/skill add-ons, small & large scale tactics, class matchups, etc.): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1U3IoifRGUj88R58Vg3cDQl1ks7lj5ElPquBPUYrzRrA/edit This is a PS4 Ninja Combo guide (with button layouts to make it easier): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1d1NK5oEF06Gt_x2aqoJTo4BPbqyBiCUZzeV24PMMSu4/edit
  2. Leveling your character to 55 usually takes a couple hours (so probably 2-3 days if you can only play 1-2 hours a day). Keep in mind that once you hit lvl 49 and do the Black Spirit quest to allow you to level up to 50 you will enter the open world pvp stage of the game. In my experience people don't typically just attack you unless they're 1) a red player (meaning their name is red indicating they have negative karma and have killed other players), 2) a player that's in an enemy guild that your guild has declared war with, 3) you have flagged up (enabled yourself to attack anyone) or 4) if you're getting in the way of them killing mobs at a grind spot (fighting for grind spots). BDO only has three mounts as far as I know: Mini-elephants, camels and horses (or Heilang, kinda, if you're a Tamer class). The horses, at the highest tier, have a super low chance of becoming one of three ultimate mounts (pegasus, unicorn, Doom horse) each with their own special skills. Not sure if this is possible yet, but it will be once all mechanics have been added to the game. Basically, it can be p2w. There are people who pay lots of money to get their gear enhanced faster or make in-game money faster than it would take just playing the game without irl money (mainly people buy the costumes because they can be sold on the central market (cm) for silver or melted down into cron stones, which help immensely in not letting your gear grade decrease while enhancing). In a sense, you can only get costumes with in-game money on the cm because people are buying them with irl money and putting them into the game. So yes, there are p2w elements and if you're looking to be a competitive pvp-er while only playing 1-2 hours a day it's going to take you a bit to catch up with gear if you're not looking to spend some irl $. My favorite part about being in this game is being in a guild. I played BDO for about 2 years super casually when it was initially released for PC. At the time I played solo and really missed out on being competitive (in my opinion at least) because I didn't have a community to play with. Now on PS4 it's been a lot more fun and I've progressed more quickly than I ever did while solo. Not to suggest that solo play isn't totally viable, I just enjoy the group aspect of BDO very much. Win or lose, rushing over to help a guildie getting ganked by others for a grind spot or trying to defend a node is always fun and gives some weight to the pvp.
  3. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/ps/News/Detail?boardNo=2340&category=0 2nd Paragraph.
  4. @CM_Valtarra may be worth passing along depending on how difficult y'all think it could be to implement
  5. They didn't announce any new classes so, no I don't think so.
  6. I don't think there's an option to toggle walking on/off as of right now.
  7. Just to confirm, for those that didn't watch the livestream & still don't know. All released classes should have the ability to awaken now.
  8. Agreed! @YomashiSama go to Android or Apple store and look up Black Desert+ by Pearl Abyss. It's the official app for the game where you can access Forums, some features of central market, etc.
  9. You'll probably get more of a response from posting in the section for Guild Recruitment Just be careful about coming off as a leech (not saying you are) bc recruiters may be wary that you just want to use them for leveling/grinding (when applying to guilds good to have specific reasons for why you want to join that guild as opposed to others). There's also a party finder option in your menu. I haven't used it myself, so I'm not sure how efficient it is.
  10. Like Karneth said, easiest way is to get a clear official answer is to submit a ticket. However, if you already claimed/used the items I wouldn't count on PA giving any other alternatives other than buying the pearls to make up the cost for the refund for the items you claimed. There was never an upgrade option to go from standard to deluxe or deluxe to ultimate (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong). This was a marketing mistake imo, could have saved them a lot of trouble & made them money, but its not what happened. Was never in the terms of service, was never announced nor written on any official page. Every person that bought any of the game packages should have seen that they had items. If you're going into the game thinking you're going to get a refund, why would you not make sure to not use the items that came with the package you want refunded? I don't think its realistic to then still expect to get your money back. I'm not a developer so I'm not sure what the exact difficulties of trying to reclaim all the items would be, but I think its a reach to claim PA made a mistake here instead of the players. Yeah, they could have made an option to upgrade and avoid all this, but that was never an option presented. It was an oversight to just assume that. I bought a Standard edition before then buying a Deluxe for the 48 hour early access period. I submitted a ticket asking for a refund and didn't touch my items in-game because I expected them to be refunded. I'm super happy that people were so excited to play they they weren't even paying attention because tbh, that's like true game-is-life sh**, but its not fair to then pivot that mistake onto PA.
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