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  1. The game run VERY bad on field with monsters too. Really bad quality...
  2. Lags and low fps are different things. The game just broken and very bad optimized.
  3. Same. Character freeze (when runing) on one position...
  4. I suppose this content is not in the game yet. Add a little later.
  5. Looks like a bit better, but still terrible... Very low fps in cities (Altinova for example) and bosses, BAD camera handling (weird acceleration; camera speed depending on fps?!). Do devs test/play game on PS4 Pro? I resent!
  6. Same on ps4 pro. Inconsistent fps, camera handling and etc. It's since open beta. There is 2 possible solution: waiting for devs repair their game client or simply delete game. Because we (players) can't do anything...
  7. True. Unusual control for me. But by acceleration I meant increasing speed of camera after short holding right analog stick on left/right directions. Leads to losing precision.
  8. Not comfortable camera behavior. I believe that it is better to give a choice to enable or disable this feature.
  9. It's not that the game has just come out. And the fact that this is a finished product for which a certain price is set. Goods of inadequate quality. Why do I still have to wait until it is repaired? In addition to first post: There is annoying acceleration (holding right or left direction of analog stick stick of dualshock 4) in game which should be an option in settings.
  10. Unplayable, terrible , broken and etc. Camera handling is horrible (Inconsistent sensitivity). Stutterings, unstable fps. Disable uncap fps mode (and set cap to 30 as regular ps4). Repair game! Atm I regret that I spend money on this.
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