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  1. Hi, I am the guild leader of LastExile on EU. Unfortunately, as a medium-sized guild, we only got 3 reels for a small guild today in the payout of the guild boss.
  2. @CM_Valtarra An answer like the one with the elephants would be very nice to the topic quest and perhaps also the taming as this seems to always fail.
  3. @CM_Valtarra Welcome as a new community manager, may you have active and good answers.
  4. Hello, has the quest for the Miniature Elephant on Ps4 been included with the update or not yet? If I go to the map and go over the Shakatus Villa she is noted but at the npc I do not get a quest
  5. Illeran


    in what kind of house?
  6. Hello, I borrowed the musket in Vaila for 2 points, now I'm wondering where do I get better?
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