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  1. Loggia Farm The quest, Investment and Mass Production, given by Severo Loggia. At loggia Farm. Gives a quest to to invest in the potato node part. After investing and following the steps by step guide written in the text. It did not proc a finish for the quest
  2. Are you still recruiting and if you are are you recruiting EU players?
  3. Hi guys sounds like a great guild. How would i get an invite?
  4. Not just Processing but worker management, property management and a few other essential options......
  5. Ring Menu Settings keep resetting every time i start the game or switch characters. Only started happening today also appearance customisation such as hide helmet keep resetting as well.
  6. You can hide the chat, Go to Ring Menu settings then menu and assign toggle chat its right at the bottom if you dont scroll down you wont of seen it. Its also worth noting that there are quite a few important menu option only selectable through this.
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