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  1. I don't know about a guild level, but just bounties in general would be awesome. Could put a reward on killing whatever certain red player. Combined with the NPC that reveals the location of someone with a name, you could literally make silver as a bounty hunter with positive karma and that would be dope.
  2. Ah, I've not played other versions. Didn't know about that Valencia loop. So if I am taking your meaning, part of that loop gives a high Failstack? Sounds reasonable to run it then.
  3. How in the heck are you successfully failing 62 times is what I want to know. I'm lucky if a failstack gets passed 20 using Reblath. Is there something I am missing?
  4. What you don't like is what others like, and vice versa. Suffice to say, it is a design decision of this game to be fundamentally different from the norm and have forced PVP outside of cities. If this isn't something you enjoy but are choosing to play anyways, there are a myriad of ways you can cope with that. But asking the developers to fundamentally change one of the things that makes their game unique isn't really reasonable. You could embrace the new challenge, or you could choose to play one of thousands of other games that may suit your tastes better. But calling something a "POS" because it is different than what you enjoy is simply put: selfish.
  5. I see no reason to remove them. In general, I don't understand the stigma around "paying to win". It's more of a great equalizer if anything. If I don't have a lot of time to play because I work 60 hours a week, but can afford to use some of my disposable income to make my limited playtime more efficient that just makes the game more accessible. What it sounds like is "I don't want people that have less time to play to have the same opportunities at end game gear as someone able to play an unlimited amount". Who cares if they grind 60 hours to make a TET in game or at their job? Either way they worked for it. If your argument is that you have neither time to play nor money to spend, well that is life my friend. There are some that will always have more access to things than you. It doesn't mean you need enjoy it less. Focus on your experience for the enjoyment of it instead of measuring yourself solely against others' experiences.
  6. Can't you not also randomly get higher grade knowledge from killing him? I assumed it is the same as enemies, where your knowledge can improve as you kill more.
  7. Same here. Gmail address, only thing I'd gotten was the email for the Hawk. Nothing since.
  8. No joke about the guild outings to Kzarka. Here we can be seen roasting marshmallows while we wait for him to show up! Do you want marshmallows? If so, obviously you should join us. ;D
  9. I feel like I am way too high level to be using shotgun so poorly. As far as I have been able to tell, I can only cancel shotgun's delay using Evasive Explosion Shot. Yet I could swear I have seen people rapidly chain shotguns on PC? What other options are there to cancelling shotgun? Reading Xbox/PC guides all just give a button to press, but that doesn't help since PS4 controls are different.
  10. PS4pro running 4K, east coast checking in. Only issues I have are from server side (potion delay, field boss teleporting, etc.) load and not local. I assume as they tinker with the servers on the backend things will get better but yeah, loading up the DP in the meantime for when the bosses just hit me with an undetectable hit.
  11. Am I missing something, or is there a reason we cannot post there for the PS4 community? Trying to translate all these Xbox and PC control combos is a chore.
  12. We've the advantage of the game having been old a good while before we got access to it. I suggest doing what I did and looking up guides for your class on Google or YouTube. Also get a horse. Donkey is slow and terrible, so probably part of your problem right there. Tier 3 horses go on market now and then if you can snipe one, or can settle with a Tier 1 from the stable vendor for a bit. As far as story progress you're definitely not done if those are the only cities you've been to. No idea what quest you left off on, but the Black Spirit - aka main quest line - goes a good while longer.
  13. I am going to take a shot in the dark and say it is more likely the setting you have on your television than anything PS4 or Black Desert related. Check to ensure it isn't set to a movie or other TV setting that reformats the picture in any way.
  14. Oof. I'll give it a shot. If that's the norm that hurts my heart haha.
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