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  1. A special welcome to all of our members and smaller guilds that have decided to merge into us. We currently own 2 nodes and we're having weekly events to help players with progression! Join the discord in the original post for more info on the guild, or ask here in the comments, or if you're a bit shy send me a message! We're still recruiting!
  2. We're still recruiting and looking for active, social players that just want to enjoy the game! Don't hesitate to DM me for more details.
  3. Sure! Join our Discord and we'll discuss more! A special welcome to all of our new recruits. We are still recruiting.
  4. Welcome to the guild! Join us on Discord and we can discuss it there! ^^
  5. Of course. I dmed ya on discord. We've missed you, you potato 😭β™₯️😭β™₯️😭
  6. 😭😭😭 Forever, my friend. You're always welcome.
  7. I had a theory that it was going to be Striker and Dark Knight based solely on the promotional material in PAX West for Striker and the spotlight shone on Dark Knight on the PS4 trailer. πŸ‘€
  8. Not sure about the Nose Wars, but I'm actually super intrigued. I have a few ideas on which noses to cover. I'm thinking Michael Jackson style, or maybe something like Jennifer Lawrence style. I have to really think about this. You've really made me think on this. I'll keep you updated on which nose I decide to go with. But for real, yeah no words on what classes yet. My guess is it'll be revealed at PAX this weekend, and we'll get news on Monday. Maybe?
  9. Welcome to all our new players. We have now but our 60 active members. We will be recruiting 10 more, then looking at our current roster. If you're interested in the guild, don't hesitate to message me here or via Discord.
  10. It was a pleasure meeting you and welcome to the guild!
  11. It's nice to meet ya! I'll talk to you via the Messages feature here on the forums! Thanks for reaching out!
  12. It was a pleasure meeting you on Discord! Welcome to the guild!
  13. Region: North America Character: Sarumonin Twitter:
  14. Region: North America Server: N/A Play Style: Semi-Hardcore PvX Guild Website: https://www.ascendumgaming.com/ VOIP: https://discord.gg/b57aFfR Age Limit 18+ What are we looking for β€’ Active Players β€’ Social Players [Using Discord is a Must!] β€’ Players with Teamwork β€’ 300 Gear Score Minimum Link to Our Community Codex https://www.ascendumgaming.com/codex/ What is PVX? An inclusive reference to both PvE and PvP. We do both PVE and PVP. Who is Ascendum? Ascendum is a fresh and professional gaming community with experiences in leading multiple communities, guilds/clans and other forms of community management. Ascendum brings something new to the table that other communities may sometimes lack, the well known, but lost concept of "fun". The Council of the Ascendum community as a whole, are well known leaders in the gaming circuit with many past achievements and accomplishments in the MMORPG community, leading well-respected guilds and having the ability to manage a community the way that it’s truly supposed to be led, having every member in mind. Ascendum has been through many variations of names, standing together and gaming together since 2013. Our Goals: Ascendum's plan for Black Desert is to create a fun and positive community environment, creating our core community from experienced players from PC. We intend to have a combined focus on both PvE and PvP content, holding a semi-hardcore mentality to maintain that focus - from grinding mobs, Node Wars, and Sieges, to growing the guild, life skill grinding, and open sea adventures! Spanning over multiple MMO's and platforms, Ascendum Gaming has a roster of experienced and veteran players, and we're always looking to add new members. If you're looking for a solid guild to join, for Black Desert's PS4 launch, let us know below - or join our Discord where we can discuss it further. We can't wait to see you out there! Check out some of the previous games we've been a part of:
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