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  1. I noticed a few similar issues when I searched forums but none that were resolved :[ Nonetheless, thank you for responding! I sent in a ticket; hopefully someone can figure it out cause I sure can't. lol
  2. I'm not sure if this is a setting issue on my part, but it only started happening to me after this cross play update with archer, and only when I'm on my archer. For clarification: the first image is what I almost always have happening, while the second image is what I'm trying to get. Please help! :[
  3. Are you looking to commission or just requesting someone make you an emblem
  4. Family Name: Lune Region: NA Console: PS4 One of the most challenging quests yet..
  5. Idk if this is an issue with other rng boxes in the game, but I've definitely noticed it for the Christmas event. The Cron boxes that drop from the sleigh have far more items than just the 9 listed on the event page, and I'm not sure why no one specified what all could be gotten from these on that page. So far, I've gotten tons of furniture and head accessories not mentioned. Can someone please provide a full list of items for this event and future event boxes instead of making incomplete ones? Thanks.
  6. I really appreciate that this was forwarded. Would you guys consider doing this for all pearl shop items as well in the future, ie. pets, mount gear, equip tailoring coupons, book of combat, etc? I think that adjusting those items' prices as well would really help market in terms of [now] lesser popular item sales.
  7. Idk if I'm the only one this bothers, but I really feel like new/old pearl costumes should sell for the same standard prices on CM, instead of having to wait weeks or months for the prices to raise to the appropriate marks. I'm tired of trying to buy certain sets on CM, only to know that no one sells because their prices aren't up to the usual 64-79mil prices of other sets at that moment. For example: Sorceress's Puff Mini set has been under 40mil ever since its addition to the game and it's really frustrating to try buying, because it clearly doesn't give people incentive to sell as opposed to the classic sets that are all at 64mil or the premiums at 79mil now. This would definitely benefit seasonal/temp sets the most, as a ton of the limited sales aren't sold much on CM due this exact reason. If the sets could just be sold at those standard prices right away, I think buying those items would be leagues better.
  8. Nepai

    BDO loot boxes?

    Oh I wouldn't mind supporting them either, but I'm not supporting the loot box dynamic that games have been doing lately. If I could buy what I want directly, I wouldn't mind that as much. I do, however, think there should be more of a balance as far as event items(ie. both cash shop and earned items) instead of JUST a large supply of paid items, especially since this wasn't a free game. Just my two cents, I guess.
  9. Nepai

    BDO loot boxes?

    Honestly, I think the fabric dropped from spooks should have gone towards crafting the bloody outfit set at the venders. It would have made me actively participate in the event more, whereas it's fairly pointless now that I got my devil horn accessory already. I try to be as f2p as possible, so theres no way I'm dumping money into a gamble box for [maybe] one bloody outfit set. Sorry, not sorry.
  10. I've been trying to use my Ult: Shadow Eruption specifically for awhile and it just doesn't activate (before anyone asks: yes, I'm pressing it after using Shadow Eruption). I've tried tapping r1, holding r1, rigorously smashing r1, etc. It just doesn't happen. Am I doing something wrong or does it just not work right now? Edit1: So I know I'm goofing something with this now, but I really need the help.. If someone could explain how to properly execute the skill inputs to pull off the ult, I'd appreciate it. Edit2: Alright, so it was definitely bugged and I really hope this will be fixed for newbies going forward. I initially thought it was me messing it up since no one knew how to help me. Long story short, all of my ultimate skills were unable to activate. I fixed it by [luckily] resetting my skills before I hit 56, and now everything works the way it should. Hope this helps anyone else who might have problems with this in the future!
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