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  1. i know its a noob question. i notice cant get exp from main quest and others but the one that thes end up giving exp to my contribute resource. so my question is do I get XP only from killing monsters?
  2. abandon the quest and retake it see if that fixes it
  3. a pop up saying I don't have enough resource to play the game and give me an option to quit or don't show me this again I press my Xbox menu and it disappear in 10 seconds my game froze and crashed it kicked me out of the game. I was fighting in the middle of a boss. info : xbox one x internet speed is 140Mb and uplode 10 Mb and I have Black desert installed in a external SSD (I checked my speed after it happened and non of my house was using the internet except Roku YouTube) the popup message was from the system Xbox
  4. already know about enhancement the cap is + 15 if have someone time can you teach me. or on Xbox the marketplace are out of whack.
  5. I'm confused there's some(all) golden gear are less than my gear that I have in blue for example
  6. can u tell me what the benfits of hige rank i know it make it esy to kill the monster the higer the ranks but eny other benefit like better loot
  7. does it give you more options to add shortcuts for your abilities?(the extra buttons on Eliot controller)
  8. i have a Non HDR monitor have sam problem if i look at the sky for a bit all the terrain is dark and hard to see
  9. when I go there it gives me an option to delete the knowledge of the monster I learn like A+ S. I need know if i learn a monster D whont it keep goin up or do i need to forget the knowledge of the monster to try to get it in S
  10. well be fun to see players use camsite and may end up having a hotspot campsite owners will set up for people to come and we'll have player interactions with other players.all and all no one loses exep for the sellers by burning there time. would love to have more features on the campsit
  11. how if they put the same rules as the trading Post I don't see anything they can cheat if it's another excuse that they don't want the trade unless there's trade bugs which is the developers problem
  12. I agree with you they need to add a timer better yet mabe how many can get in a day . or add a in game GM that moniter how fast there buyin it
  13. that's for some player to give up esy . but opinion of the players maters and may end up changing or not . rather try dan give up esy that may end up adapth to the game futers even if i thont like it
  14. other part i hate you can lose it all ur hard work when enhancing some itome. PS the more vote the more the developer well see and may end up changing the enhancement system.
  15. like the title say where the best region to hores breeding
  16. the suport lacks like buff cap max 20% other like speed attack max is 10%. is there a way to increase or its only possible for damage attacks. o ps The Awakening weapon there's no other than the one you get from the quest to awaken your wepon
  17. same here but he was 100% immune to stun and other ability he come us like a rock we did get 25% hp of hes hp we cant statis effec hem . is there a bility and there a wel to increase duration to stun
  18. why $50 its not much function the store is a joke large potion hp it heals 250 hp that like for a -2 lvl player the other potions are weak same as hp potion but realy 30% more expensive only useful is the repair equipment and 18 storege . I suggest letting the function be able to use by other players and improve the shop potions the other suggestion is letting others use the storage each player have their own space and the store gives! others players a quest to tranfer the loot that other put in a mean time they get there x ( if tranferd 3 itome that takes 3 slots that well lock 3 slots of players inventory space)time space lock untell it gets tranceferd to the nearest city(minimum of 7,000) or what they pick but the fee well cost more to pay a player to transfer ps world map shoot show up a icon like a beacon to let other players see it that thers loot to be transferred . all this exclusive for who ever got the Pearl shop tent (campfire)pack. one more thing if owner of the tent pick it up the time ends in 20 sec loot return back to the owners of there loot and the option for others to cancel there loot transfer after 10 minutes pass( to prevent trolling players ) it gos in a 20 minute cool down to use the constellation option again
  19. wtf only that class is restriction to mount the wagen but all classes can why only her. ps i can use a horse come on pls let her use a wagen.
  20. check your speed by downloding https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.zwanoo.android.speedtest internet speed pleas note if u runing 2ghz speed limit is 70 and 5Ghz wifi connection is 300 speed limit . ur loking for ur ping thats equal ur lag the lower the better connetion same as jetter if higer dan 30 its bad and pakeg lost %
  21. i cant fin the bottel in my inventory to use for fill up in River. is there a bug or am I doing something wrong. and recently the in-game models are being loaded slow i have good connection but..
  22. i have luck to max 5 and i have been grinding (same spot)1 day one moster is A knowledge and other S knowledge i have 50% drop rate (from sever)plus node lvl 2 5% plus a scroll 50% drop rate can get once awhile I get green loot armor or weapon in a area is for 90-120 . am I doing something wrong I can't even get a blue loot for weapon or armor.
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