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  1. Its rng, got atleast 30 yesterday in an hour
  2. Get an external SSD should help, i know it did for me But i also have ps4pro
  3. They deff have the combat book havent seen skill one tho
  4. I hit one too yesterday, figure its just content we cant access yet
  5. I believe no cause farming isn't gathering gathering does not level when u farm but I could be wrong
  6. Got a pro never had load walls i got lan cable and great internet the ssd i got for my pro helped with a lot of texture load, overall loading and booting / switching servers and characters significantly faster, menus load faster and just smoother 100% i got an external ssd 10/10 would recommend to any gamer for any game
  7. Should get Ssd - ZERO load walls in 5days total gameplaytime still get texture pop in and random freezes on lvl up / discovery of nodes but its wayy better than on hdd granted maybe like 30 afk hrs
  8. Thats dope how much is that controller , sounds like what i need
  9. Press the circle usually does it for me
  10. I love the game only thing i really get frustrated by is resetting controls and ring menu settings pretty annoying to fix every other time i log in and just in general better server response would be ideal , too many freezes when level up/ discover something and any news on Ui options ? other than that great game
  11. Bccbccbacccbccba Been doing it for 40 min lmao almost there in terms of rng right :””( Edit: No f’ing way i just got S after posting this no BS
  12. Sorc , but ill prolly make the wiz my main pvp tbh will deff aim for more accuracy
  13. What should I aim for cause I finally got to 50 and was like let me just force pvp i felt like i landed all my combos knockdowns , crit attacks and stuff but it was just a super stalemate cause they would heal in between me “missing” so many attacks lol
  14. Im perfectly happy with playing it more solo, i have joined a guild but would have liked more community features like building something by combining resources etc ik the game wont change that much lol, luckily im a mostly solo gamer type anyways so i will deff keep enjoying it as long as i can!
  15. You can move them out if u uncheck auto arrange
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