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  1. $20 Was used in the making of this video. Spreadsheet for all numbers is attached.
  2. It's an amazing feeling to have dedicated players working towards the same goal and cause. Origin is quickly growing into a monster of a PvP guild, and the clips from multiple different classes/members shows it. I am Sol, content creator & leader of BDO PS4’s leading guild <Origin>. We are a family; we fight for each other and we help each other train. The community is not just for the guild but for all gamers and friends. - You’re welcome to join us - https://discord.gg/ugQZbV Assign yourself the community member role, and check the #apply section for application instructions.
  3. Click HERE for Full Video Guide 1) Armor, Weapons, & Accessories Pre Boss Gear - https://bdoplanner.com/EpheriaNormaCrater Boss Gear - https://bdoplanner.com/CrystalRiverTwister ( *Substitute Offhand with TET Parrying Dagger for PVP. ) Please aim for the PRE boss gear build if you are new to wiz and do not have the money for boss gear/gold accessories. Once you are able to farm all game content efficiently, you can transition into the boss gear build. If you are a patient player, start off aiming for the boss gear setup from the start. I will be replacing the starter crystals with RBF Human damage crystals as I move forward with this build. I still have the marketplace crystals as placeholders until then. 2) Skills Pre Awakened Skills ( 700 SP Required )https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/78054/ Awakened Skills ( BASE Skills only;1500 SP Required )https://bdocodex.com/us/skillcalc/78054/ 3)Super Armor Rotation & PvP Combos *CC & Combo Initiation Skills Water Sphere Cataclysm Meteor Shower Fireball/Fireball Explosion **S Block(Hold Backwards) is your Friend. If your Initiation skills miss then go right back into an S block or teleport and re-position. MAIN Super Armor Rotation - Cataclysm>Bolide's Destruction>Water Prison (Repeat) Variations 1 (PvP) - Cataclysm>Ritardando>Flame Knot>Water Prison Variation 2 (PvE) - Lava Field>Hellfire>Cataclysm>Bolide's Destruction>Water Prison Variation 3 (PvP) - Water Sphere>Hellfire>Cataclysm>Flame Knot>Water Prison Variation 4 (PvP) - Water Sphere> Absolute Fireball> Absolute Fireball Explosion>Hellfire>Cataclysm>Flame Knot>Water Prison Variation 5 (PvP) - Sage's Memory> Absolute Meteor Shower>Teleport> Cataclysm>Flame Knot>Water Prison The better you become at stance swapping from Pre awakening to Awakening the more fluid your combos become. I hotkey water sphere and fireball in order to attack my enemies while switching between stances. Also my buffs allow me to swap stances and stay effective in battle. Hotkeyed/Ring Menu Skills Sage's Memory Speed Spell Spellbound Heart Water Sphere Absolute Fireball(Preferred)/ Absolute Meteor Shower/Absolute Earthquake Healing Lighthouse Healing Aura
  4. Pvp like this reminds me why I love this game.
  5. Video Requested by KillerZero. Drop your submissions wherever if there is content you want me to cover. 'My friends are my power' - Sora
  6. Conquers vs Exile, Hell, Carnage, Slaystation & Flagup.
  7. Hello friends, I just hit lvl 60 so i'm releasing this information to you in hopes the ps4 community will grow. Click the link below for a complete leveling guide on how to hit lvl 60 efficiently. Any questions just ask and ill be sure to help. BDO PS4: Conquer's ULTIMATE Leveling Guide
  8. Two karma members take on a group of FIVE hell members in some intense group pvp action. Good fight you guys!
  9. Well, in my opinion, its pretty easy to grind the earings and they are close to best in slot for current bdo. Everyone players different but for a grinder like me, its definitely worth. Lifeskilling is something i like to do after i hit cap , atleast above 56. Cause that **** is boring man.
  10. Yeah im with you man. I wont be selling it. Its too hard to get to Tet on accesories. im just gonna keep grinding for my other pieces now. I definitley understand your point of view. However, the video is just to make people aware it is a possibility. Can never guarantee what someones drops are gonna be with RNG. i will admit i got pretty loving lucky.
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