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  1. Man....someone sounds so entitled, I swear. I mean, I come from the PC version and even it came in the version that is currently in the PS4 version if not with just slight altercations. All I can say is be patient and if you can't I recommend you go do something productive till the game is in the condition that you feel is "complete". <_<
  2. Sorry for high jacking your thread but I'm also in the same boat as you. I come from the PC version (which I still play) and would like to find a guild that is casual to the point where I can just chill and play with people without having to worry about trying to "be the best" and such.
  3. If you're still recruiting, let me know. I'm also a player on PC (play on NA server but have been playing since Russian beta) and can probably contribute in some way. The only thing I ask if if this is a very laid back guild? I'm not trying to be the best or compete like my life depends on it and like to actually enjoy myself in the game (this probably explains why I'm in a guild of 2 with my friend on the PC version).
  4. I probably won't pick a town till Grana comes out. The house I want to reside in is there like I have on the PC version. I can probably wait till then. If not, I'll probably pick Calpheon as a temp housing area till then.
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