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  1. It’s pretty simple the games is not for them you are playing a game where the end goal and end game is pvp game you don’t play street fighter or Tekken for the story you play it for the 1v1 fighting same thing goes for bdo and if your friends just want to pve make a lvl49 and don’t go pass it no one will be able to kill you also if your friend is getting killed fishing well he just wasn’t in a safe zone and if even then they don’t want to play don’t let that stop you from playing and stop trying to convince them to play something that’s going to tilt them ps: Pve only severs will never be a thing in bdo
  2. How do I Dm you or do you just mean to message you here on this forum ?
  3. Would it be possible to create a ongoing betting 1v1 pvp tournament using in game currency and items for and others can bet on the match I can explain in more detail
  4. Ya I’m really don’t trust it when they put out a release date anymore when it happens it happens
  5. On the website it says tamer and striker awakening is available since November 14th
  6. Is this true I was just on the bdo website for PS4 and the date says 11.14.2019
  7. Let’s vote for best screen shot and best character
  8. Thank you I should get 10 bill for the info :3 I even have a few ideas as to how this could extend to the Arsha sever etc
  9. ??? You never got back to me ??
  10. If you win matches in ranked or casual you get a set of points so if you win you get 3 victory points but if you lose you lose 1 victory point and you can cash these in to get certain items like sharps, memory frags etc also have an arena rank the higher you rank the better your pve experience will be like maybe 5% less taxes at central market or a new buff only certain high ranked can get and the priest(s) you could have battle seasons that last 2months
  11. Also have different modes for ranked so 1v1 (no gear rank) meaning you create a character they are lv 62 and you pick your gear that’s all pen but and this character can only be picked in that game mode and seconds ranked where you come in with your gear and lvl and that’s the hardcore ranked mode with rewards and titles the downside is that only the no life players who play 12 hours a day would be top tier in ranked or the Whales. So balancing on how fear and lv work might be trouble some but guild wars 2 has a pretty good system and it works beautifully
  12. Thank you I am very big on pvp and competitive ranked games so to give me and many many others a place to meet up and just grind it out to be the best would be amazing maybe even special tittles or rewards etc
  13. Well it just might happen now that a spike to a cm
  14. Seriously this would be a wonderful add to the game I bring this up because Blade and soul has a ranked pvp 1v1 ranked mode and most competitive player including myself loved it so for bdo this would be amazing
  15. That’s no excuse when mmorpg that focus on story PVE content games like (blade and soul , guild wars 2 , etc) have better pvp content then BDO that primary focus is PVP. And doesn’t have these game mode isn’t an excuse
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