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  1. I think it would be nice to custom our own emblems.
  2. it is only slightly. SSD usually load faster than HDD but either is not going to give you a higher framerate tho. HDD is good for heavy capacity. my first gen ps4 every original still work on bdo never had problem tho.
  3. totally agreed. Proxy is suitable for that.
  4. HumoLoco


    Both of you need to be in the same server like balenos 1. then use character name in order to add friend. no level requirement or anything. since both of you are in US region.
  5. You would need actual address in US on playstation store account billing and masked vpn american proxy server in order to play US server on BDO. That's really very simple. If you dont have address from US nor not able to masked vpn american proxy server, then you wouldn't able to play US server on BDO. I have a friend who has EU psn is playing in my american server. it worked for his friends too.
  6. You will need actual address in the US on your ps4 that will make you to play america server.
  7. You gonna log in the link ps4 account the same you log in https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/Member/Login the current you are on forum account. also you must verify your account before you processing the link ps4 account tho. that's worked for me.
  8. IRS ‘Taxes or Blood.’ We are a guild to focused on open world PvP and Node Wars. We are looking for active members who will contribute to the guild by helping with guild missions and helping members fight over grind spot control. We are welcome the players who is interest in life skills, gathering, crafting, and such PVE for our daily guild activity. We are welcome to anyone. Requirement: Must have 50LVL+ one of your character. If you are new to game, welcome to our IRS we are willingly to help you to learning about the BDO. Must be over 250GS. It is ok if you are building GS, because GS doesn’t matter. Must be a mature. We are still looking a person who has a highest level crafting skills is qualified to our needs of quartermaster. To be qualified for quartermaster is to able to knowledge about the game and craftsman high end skills. Quartermaster will be responsibility for helping the players who is new to BDO and help to build IRS that include the siege war and node war. One of our leader or officers will be interviewing you to see if you are indeed qualify to the quartermaster. Quartermaster is earned 180 days term or 365 days term upon our contract agreement. Quartermaster is open up to 3. Might increase the number if we reach 100 members. Our rules are 1. The most important rule is to “Respect” other members in IRS. Mature is allowed, but please be limited such as discrimination. No crybaby, no sensitive to any case. Be a mature. We are not to babysitting immature. If you feel uncomfortable such as discriminated, please contact to the Leader or Officer(if available, but the Leader is strongly preferred.) 2. Daily guild activity REQUIRED because we will to be a part of the IRS and to build it together. Be able to participate to the Node Wars. Server Balenos 1 and 2 only. 3. If you intend to inactive, please leave. If you are going to be an inactive for temporary for ANY reason, be please put vacation in IRS no more than 2 week for vacation. We don’t need a waste slot. If you want to have a long vacation, be sure let the leader or officers know. Inactive must be less than 3 days. If without notice, you are banished from IRS, period. 4. If party then mic is preferred. If no mic, MUST be able to type in chat via keyboard or Discord. English only. 5. You agree to join IRS as you are stay with our Long Term Goals. Your term and our term is sealed upon the agreement. If you are interested to join IRS please contact at HumoLoco#6095 on discord or NukeRyu#4466 Or join to https://discord.gg/j67XwQz ** This post is subject to change.
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