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  1. No fix player side. Game needs updated build to something more stable. Xbox has lower quality hardware and runs game fairly smooth. This build of the game is very unstable. All things that fail atm. - ranged ability render - ranged ability particle rendering - freeze on new discoveries - failed input/input delay - placed object render - npc render - player render - texture render - bump map render - shader render ... List goes on. That is to speak nothing of class balance passes that are needed.
  2. Hard to not do it in time if I both played the PC version and played PS4 beta
  3. I'm west coast. I play a wizard. I have fought a wizard and a witch. Both of them do not render spell particles when fighting against them. Sometimes when looking on as they fight others, you can see them. This also applies to any other ranged ability, not just wizards. Rangers and sorceress both have rendering issues with any ranged ability. This build of the game is unstable at best. Server lag, frame drops, freeze on new discoveries. Fail to render objects, NPCs, players, as you run up to or passed them. Xbox has lower quality hardware and is able to run this game with better graphics and render rates and is over all smoother game play.
  4. I linked account and still didn't get the hawk. Never got email after signing up for newsletter.
  5. Bump. *Critical issue* Needs to be addressed.
  6. Looking for sarcastic smart asses with nothing better to do with their time but pretend to be super powered humanoids who compensate for their insecurities by killing others in a game. Just like the rest of us 😃 Accepting all classes and experience types. Must be lvl 40+ Daily guild missions required. Mic preferred. If no mic, MUST be able to type in chat via keyboard. Main server: Calphion 2 Window of activity: 12pm - 12am Whisper Deveron Illidarae to join.
  7. While in a party I was killing mobs for an hour and a half with not a single loot drop. I had party leader change loot settings. We cycled through all of them, and still no loot dropped. Upon leaving the party, the first kill I made dropped vender trash loot. Party Loot system needs to be fixed. I can update post with video links if required as proof. If you have experienced this as well please post here.
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