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  1. So if what SoloTyrant says is true.. Can someone check the roadmap for Xbox, or atleasst link it, so I can check to see if they actually did an update to Chat on that system, in hopes there is an actual one coming for ps4?
  2. Grim, yeah it would make alot more sense if alot of games did this. BDO doesnt even have an ESRB rating. if you do a quick google search, you'll find this. " ESRB rating: NR for Not yet rated, contains Realistic Violence, Partial Nudity, Encouraged Alcohol and Tobacco Use. " But.. Still too immature to see the word ass. Indeed it is Reb.
  3. Okay.. So some of us paid.. 90 bucks for this game right? Yet we have a VERY strict profanity filter. Which is ludacris. We're treated like children til its time to open our adult wallets and give you all money for pearls, etc etc. How is it, we're not even allowed to say the A word? HUH? I mean seriously. you all need to take and look at Warframes chat censor. Its automatically enabled and will ****** out every cussword, until you disable it in settings, then it will only blur out (or ban you from chat for X amount of time) really horrendous cuss words, you know, like the racist crap. There is no sense in adults being treated like children when it comes to our language. But treated like adults with our money. It Honestly feels like the chat filter was made by some SJW's that has a severe issue and needs a safety bubble, example with the A word, which takes and censors out multiple words in the dictionary. Like.. CLASS something your game has alot of (as in character classes, not the high society type) Mass, Bass, Sass, You see where this is going right? and we all know the A word is a donkey.. soo.. why does it need filtered? AND why does the term ADULT need censored?!
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