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  1. Hey Ninja. It's good to know you've joined the community. The numbers of English speaking players are growing. From what i know, there are a few guilds like Absolution, Lunacy, etc (Asia server) . Just take your time to play and enjoy the game at your own pace. Feel free to ask anything in the server chat. I'm sure someone will eventually reply you in English.
  2. Actually I'm starting to see some English speaking players from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Japan. We can still ask for help on the server in English. I think it's considered as Asia server for all of us in Asia. That's great. I love the game so far. :)
  3. Hello, I'm starting to play BDO on PS4 with my Malaysia PSN account. May I know why am I placed in the Japan region, Japan server? The server is full with Japanese people and I don't understand Japanese. It would be better if I'm thrown into Oceanic, Australian or any other English speaking region. Party play seems dead to me. Please advise if a different SEA server is coming and if I will be able to transfer character progress. Thanks
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