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  1. I would be happy to have you. i actually enjoy showing new players the ropes. we do play on pc though. https://discord.gg/XDAATV this is a link to our discord channel you can feel free to ask any questions you have there.
  2. ElderRidge is casual guild with a light hearted and friendly atmosphere. We focus on our guild community and have a guild discord where players are free to chat with one another. The discord also has sections for party play as well advice for new players. We have several high level players that are active and happy to answer questions. As a community focused guild we are looking for players that want to enjoy playing the game with fellow guild mates. Toxic behavior and speech is frowned upon and if deemed necessary may result in players being kicked from the guild (obviously warnings will be given first). In order to not make this post to wordy i will end it here. If there are any more questions feel free to ask me either on the forms or in game.
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