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  1. Asula set ? Is dat better then grunil
  2. The catfish by the lake south west ok so grind there first reach 120 ap then go to mediah
  3. Ok thx any grind spot for black stone n silver
  4. Thx bro that's all what i needed to hear.i got the grunil set i actually went all the way to media to buy it was a long ride there till my horse got kill but i didnt pick no quest there cus i wanna finish all the other b4 i actually quest there plus the mob too strong so i came back to calpheon.so for awakening u need to have all the black spirit quest complete
  5. Knightglaive is fresh new guild i just made lvl 1 or 50 don't matter all is welcome to join as long you do your part to contribute to the guild we shouldn't have no issue.pve n pvp also life skill n trading is our focus as soon we get the guild funds going we will discuss contract agreement but for now ill keep it at a low pay.must be active plz i know we all work but dont be login in one day n be gone for a whole month.thank you and i hope you guys will join add my psn Deadly_Artz305 my Bdo char name:Genzosaka
  6. So i reach level 50 3 days ago n i just realize that the black spirit got more quest.i thought the main quest finish after you defeat that belmont guy but guess not just found out a whole list of quest this little guy was hidin lol.so now i wanna know should i continue following the quest or should i focus on getting my gear set up I'm using a warrior with a full grunil set which i hear thats the best armor to run with cus of update on ps4 idk? N if anybody know the location drop for yurian or liverto plz leave commen
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