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  1. if you're not retarded hardcore player, you can sell your discounted pearl shop costumes so you can at least catch up with others silver wise. you basically buy their ingame time with your real money, so it doesn't matter if your play time is limited. this game is heavily gear dependent and if you avoid contested area, you should do just fine. the contested area makes lots of silver and there will be a pvp involved to keep that contested area. and worth paying it for preorder, for me yes, but don't know if it's worth it for you if you think it's wasted then refund it. for me I like waited this game for three years and yes it's worth it every dollar I invested into it.
  2. X is 50% increased performance over S, and you will suffer playing Black Desert on S instead of X, but better than expected, if you can afford it, go xbox X instead S. for you to decide, watch this youtube, footage is recorded on S.
  3. exploits should be treated seriously, and the exploiters should get a perma ban not a temporary ban, but from my previous experiences, I see PA did nothing seriously, and this was only final beta so you can do whatever you feel like to do, but for the official launch, PA should enforce strickly those attempting to use the exploits existed ingame.
  4. you need to build failstacks +25 or above for +14 or +15 green items, or force enhance but still needs the black stones. only way to acquire the black stones from +item drops than you extract them to get black stones to enhance. you think you can get all +15 gears in 24 hours? seems like you don't play the game, if anyone can gear up to +15 that ez anyone will be in rbf, you can also craft black stones but crafting isn't available during the beta, anyone can progress so ez in less than 24 hour playing? show me how.
  5. it's just impossible the time we are given during the final beta, what a joke you're not using exploit?
  6. 1. Player to Player trading Is this gonna be the same as pc? 2. Afk Lifeskilling How will this change on a console version compared to pc version? 3. One Man Guild will you gonna restrict on one man guild same as the pc version? 4. Pearl Shop Items How will you outline the pearl shop items on a console version? will it be same as pc? I want to see something different from the pc version.
  7. I'm just curious will Black Desert work on xbox two? I see any version of xbox one works fine but what about xbox two when this is officially released? will Black Desert work on xbox two?
  8. I assume, the enhancement system will be completely different from a pc version and a mobile version, I also want to know how changes will apply on a console version.
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