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  1. 1. Go to the "Serendia Shrine" node - look for Hakkon (Priest in white robe) 2. Do the amity game with him, until you have enough (60 or less) points to unlock his dialogue option "Knowledge on Kzarka" for minor energy points (2) 3. You now got rng knowledge on Kzarka! But if it is not "S" grade, it is time to have an alt ready for step nr. 4 4. Log into your alt character (with high energy) and travel to Calpheon library. Talk to "Annolisa Rose" - "Knowledge Management" - "Ecology" - "Ecology of Serendia" - "Kzarka" - "Kzarka, the..." 5. Now click on "Kzarka, the Lord of Corruption" and pay 10 energy to delete your knowledge 6. Switch back to your first char and talk to Hakkon, pay 2 energy for the knowledge (no amity game needed anymore) and roll your rng dice 7. Do this until you get the "S" ranking. My tries: C, C, B, B, B, B, S Happy hunting! --- Edit: Why would you care about knowledge? (https://grumpygreen.cricket/bdo-knowledge-guide/) S: +% rare drop chance A+: ++ damage A: + damage B: - damage received C.: view monster HP %
  2. After a couple of Red Noses and Bhegs, the game play ist still underwhelmingly bad; Example 1: Red Nose does the frontal cone attack Normal approach - get in his back, attack until he starts to jump PS4 saftey approach - get away, positioning is rng luck Live result: got behind him, he starts to do the cone attack, suddenly he disappears and my character received massive dmg (2000+ hp) = took the attack head on Example 2: Bheg is running Normal approach - run towards him, attack PS4 safety approach - "" Live result: Bheg ran away and suddenly froze in place for 1-2 sec then disappeared. Received a knock down blow with no chance to react. This happens a lot during fights. So much, that melee combat (also the invisible player wall) is a disaster. I am not talking loot, i am talking pure and solid game play. --> As you can see, the server lag (?) is limiting tactical play to a point where it is unknown, if your position towards the boss is accurately displayed or completely off. I am happy for everyone, who is not experiencing this result!
  3. I have no idea what you are talking about, but good for you :). The theory has been tested with guild mates in 2017, i think. So - as i have already stated - it is a theory based on personal testing and does not have any official value to it. I wanted to share it with Tyrant, because he/she asked about it in this discussion thread. If you disagree with the theory, totally fine by me. I do not need to proof it to you or anyone. But i like gathering data on the mechanics, thus it would be interesting to see any different loot table from player behaviour. Maybe there is a language barrier here, because you seem to be struggling with detailed posts. Well, keep it up. Everyone can learn!
  4. So another blow to the server quality. Everyone should know what to do. Thanks for the highly likely explanation!
  5. Ha! So you did not test it out. Well, i now have gotten 4 seals in the past two fights and 6 out of the two Bheg fights (with liverto). Whatever you think it is, i trust the roll-chance theory. However, i am very open to adapt to any new results. That is why i asked you to test out different classes. I will be doing some in the future (after box drop), so it could be in weeks or months.
  6. Excuse me, i thought you wanted a discussion about why you get 1 hunter seal in this fight. Its actually quite simple: Do the fight next time and use kick in melee range, use dagger in melee range + get an evade off while being attacked that way. If you keep getting 1 seal with your equipment, switch classes, try again, report.
  7. Sorry, misunderstanding! I am at Gathering: Prof 9
  8. Happened again with silver embroidered gatherer's clothes +1 I am at Gathering lvl 4 (3 from guild, 1 from food) and as soon as i wear gatherer's clothes (reward or silver ones) and gather anything, it will trigger the system notification: "You cannot gather any more".
  9. Maybe! So, this is sort of a theory that works quite well, but has not been officially acknowledged (at least you will get some minor rng arguments against it, but you can ignore them). It goes like this: There are loot rolls for different actions and you have to "activate" those rolls by doing the action at least once. First to hit the boss Last hit that killed the boss Most dmg dealt Most dmg received (will be offset with number of deaths) Died 0-?? times (this is actually indifferent: if you don't die, you are in this roll. If you die once or twice, thats okay. But if you die more than ?? amount you will not get this roll) Kick used CC used Block or dodge used Melee used (as a range class) Range used (as a melee class) Combos used Negative factors: - has died at least more than 3 times (this will reduce the number of rolls) - has too little accuracy and hits do not register Possible but never well tested other factors: + active time on the boss never falls below xx seconds (= you evaded heavy attacks and got right back to deal dmg or be a target) + amount of hp healed (on self but mostly on other players) + no potions used + never been hit or only got hit while having block up (perfect fight) in combination with active time on the boss (excludes auto attack only actions) + time being the main target of the boss Our guild tested this for one year on PC and we found other people, who were testing the same. Resulted in some funny boss fights, but the gist of it is that you actually get more loot rolls. Live example PS4: Ranger: My first character, got all the gear, used auto shot on Kzarka, some minor skil shots, cause i completely forgot about the right apporach = 1 hunter seal, some silver Musa: Switched gear, same AP, remembered the theory, used a couple of kicks, shots, used all good combos, used cc, used block, used dodge = 2-6 blackstones, 1+ crystals, 2-3 seals, 100k+ silver EVERY SINGLE TIME, additionally but not always (rng rolls): cheap blue ring or mark of shadow, high quality crystals ==> My equipment has not changed and i did every Kzarka fight in this manner and received the stated loot. ==> There are always so many people involved, that my setting is kicking in and makes them invisible. This means that the number of participans was at a common minimum. I hope this helps some people! Generally speaking, you should be lvl 50+ and have the accuracy to HIT the boss and AP to matter. If you have 200 AP but less than 100 accuracy, you might be screwing your rolls hard.
  10. Guild buff +3 Food +1 Gathering clothes (reward) +1 Inventory: free Tool: not broken No guild quest active Issue: Everytime i gather any resource, the game lags for a second and a system text appears: "You cannot gather any more", although i am gathering items When i take off the gathering clothes and wear anything else, the system message will not occur. Reproduction of the bug positive after re log multiple times and server switches.
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  12. Greetings, I would like to inform the community (new players), that BDO has a Pearl Shop Item called "EXP Transfer Coupon" (2200 Pearls, March 2018, maybe 3000 Pearls without event) which allows the transfer of one life skill to another character. link: https://www.blackdesertonline.com/news/view/1118?lang=en With a staggered class release going on, i can imagine a lot people playing classes they do not intent to main. With these coupons, it would make switching alts less tedious and also support the game via funding. Therefore i ask the GMs, if we can get them relatively "soon" (like 2020) in our shop? I see no harm in allowing these switches of exp early on and consider it a community service. Appreciating official responses. Thank you in advance!
  13. Thank you SoloTyrant! The order of releasing classes compared to PC was just the only example i got from experience, but as you stated correctly, the pool they have to choose classes from might very well be determined by different factors not necessarily same order oder mirror classes. Was worth asking though.
  14. Musa and Plum were both released on PC as first additonal classes, if memory serves well. Seeing how the musa has made it in quite fast, i was wondering about Plum. Did not see her in the xbox class list either. Is there a specific reason for that? Would have been my go to class, so it hits a spot.
  15. Option to switch into "optimized Boss Mode" which prioritizes frame rates over grafics to allow best possible combat (until PS upgrade arrives) Option to switch off all pets, including their sounds Option to switch off all screen overlays but character HP bars (like photo mode, but with small hp bars for combat) -- Optimization for movement vs. objects in the world: Faster short to medium jumps over objects (less time for the action) Better optimization for climbing over objects (no more below ground climbs over invisible twigs, only to climb again over the fence or rock) Better turning circles for all activites (swimming, running etc.) Anti stuck for vehicles in the water -- Controlling Starting in the worker menu to allow for specific worker commands like "Go to workshop which is used by this worker" to shorten the input for crafting tasks Worker list sorted by cities / tasks Stable horse "transport" option for horses to be transported in 5-15 minutes to the designated stable When entering the warehouse menu, allow for L2 --> 1. storage slot item position and R2 --> 1. bag slot item, so that we don't have to scroll all the way to our bags agian and again -- Features More costumes to craft, especially more full body armor for female characters (missing soldier armor for Ranger etc.) Don't need bare skin, but functional armor Training: lacking active horse leveling mechanic. Horse racing or manual fast riding should be the fastest ways to lvl up a horse (even horse combat) and not afk merchant wagon all night (to be continued)
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