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  1. Can you (why am i even trying btw) clarify this statement. Otherwise you are presenting an uneducated response to the suggestion. Here is why: Read this before replying - 1) It is optional = nothing changes if you free2play the game 2) It offers MORE bang for the buck = you pay 15$ for 30 days of value pack + energy regen (would cost you at least 10$+ for 15 days) To get energy regen you'd have to pay 2x 1000 pearls if on sale or 2x 1250 pearsl = 2000 to 2500 pearls for the energy buff Add the value pack on top. Figure. 3) The premium version would also include a book of skill/life which will be buffed with later content Apart from that, none of you even touched the other 7 points. But don't worry, your feedback is viewed as trolling so far. so you might as well stay in familiar waters.
  2. My response is accurate. On "a" level to comment on suggestions - is what i wrote. It is a metaphor. "to settle the dispute in game" - are you kidding me? 1. What dispute? You did not understand my feedback and trolled my post. 2. If i ever wanted to settle a score, i would do it myself in real life.
  3. @ludiusvox Hi, it seems you do not understand english very well. "Forced subs" - as you can read up again, my suggestions were covering value packs. There is still the option to either buy them from the mp or play without (which is perfectly fine). "Forced expansions" - were not even mentioned in my post, but good for you for letting us know. "i like bdo payment options being optional" - still available from what i suggested, as value packs can be traded through the market place. Otherwise, i would have stated that the sub shall run through the ps account before entering the servers (like a hard block). I did not. "i spend way more money" - good for you, thank you for supporting crimson desert. "Stop telling BDO what they should change" - it is called feedback, it is not mandatory nor am i sitting in front of a magic button that says "do this, i command you". Your whole argument is centered around my suggestion that we should get (overall cheaper) value packs that improve qol for players and still offer the free to play content. Therefore, i assume you are not quite on a level to comment on suggestions, because you fail to understand the suggestions. Please do not further troll my posts or those of others.
  4. @CM_Valtarra Thank you Valtarra for being active and alive when it comes to player feedback and issue resolving! Much appreciated (I will use a short and direct format here, to distribute information quickly) #Pending suggestions/qol changes: - screen clutter (pet on/off, quest on/off, photo mode at all times...) - more guild mission variety #High effort changes - Monthly sub aka value pack rework Put a monthly price tag on BDO, one light and one premium. Edit: to clear this up - this sub would be optional as it is for in game items, which still can be traded through the market place. Light sub - you pay ~15$ for a 30 day value pack (rework includes energy regen buff, but no additional drop chance) Premium sub - you pay ~30$ for a 30 day premium value pack (rework includes energy regen, drop chance and either 1 book of skill or 1 book of life for 30 days) (Book of skill = combat exp, skill exp buff depending on available content = % up with later content // Book of life = life skill exp up) #QoL changes - add loggia tools asap, keep mastery for a later update (or when its ready) - all current exp buffs (daily, bell ...) should also include life skills at 1/2 the rate (or at least 10-20%) - new BDO mobile-like(?) enhancing system, meaning: feed upgrade stones until you can pop, no more downgrade but loss of upgrade stones on fail - remove old enhancing system for everyone's sanity #Keep news coming - What is the new roadmap? - Will console get Guardian on global release, too? - Do we have an official written statement on eta Kamasylve and the missing classes? - Either sync Twitter/Discord/Homepage or choose one; currently, we have Discord information on Archer in april(?), Twitter seems to offer latest announcements which sometimes are not true (wrong dates on awakening = confusion) and the Hompepage as place to read up patch notes lacks behind in news - Can we get perma links on all answered live questions? Thank you for reading!
  5. @CM_Valtarra I want to highlight this issue again, as i think it would increase overall quality of life for players: The screen is overfilled with information we do not need at all times - quest information blocking the right hand side of the screen - system notifications (zone change...) popping up - some pets blocking screen view or produce steady noise from animations - buffs and their cooldowns (guild buffs for hours) in the middle of the screen - system notifications in chat exploding the chat window frame - when other players are not filtered out in large scale fights, their animations have to be removed. Most of them blast the screen with effects. ... I would suggest the following options asap = short term solutions: allow pets to be turned invisible in sound and animation allow manual scaling of all screen windows OR allow a 50% reduced scaling as an option OR allow the quest text window to be toggled on/off allow zone information (entered combat zone, entered safe zone) to be toggled on/off allow photo mode to stay on during any action Additionally, i would love a new photo mode being introduced as an overall solution. This new mode would turn the photo mode on until you toggle it off (currently, this is automatically done by using any combat action) Goal: Photo mode screen = completely empty no pets no quest list, no pop ups, ... with very few optional "windows"/icons being allowed (which should be scaled down or made transparent) --> HP bar --> loot window (can contain quest counter, like 3/10 killed ...) --> smaller map (minimal orientation, could be made transparent) --> Exp % and buff duration Why? Game looks great, why overfilling your view with clutter information? Personally, i also feel heavily annoyed by pet sounds (penguin sliding) or pets obstructing my view (dragons, large birds...). Same goes for buff cooldowns, quest texts and so on.
  6. The market is suppressing stone's price. It won't increase at all. Same with logs. Its a system lock for now. Im at gathering master 10 now. The last % i pushed and had to drink 6x50 energy potions at the end, as energy will still be consumed at a rate i described above. To get exp, you gather herbs non stop. There are certain spots designed for it, so you will stay in gathering mode every 3 sec. Todays cash from memory: ~1000 energy used total 5k meat gathered ~ 4k herbs of each sun and silver or 10-12 fruits of each 3 sharp 13 hard 6 petals ~ 850 dust (between 700-1000) 800 (now less) + random stuff below 200 (hides, blood...) burned through ~ 8 magic tools A whole day of gathering with energy potions and a resting phase
  7. Disclaimer: yes, you could pump up the regen with a villa buff by +1 and do all dailies for energy. No, it would not solve the issue at hand. You can gather around 15 resources per 60 seconds easily (no running), and keep this up as long as you have energy (resource respawns in time) I lose between 2-5 energy for every 10 gathering actions. If we do an easy calculation here, let's use 15 resources gathered per 60 seconds. Energy regen is at 3 energy every 3 min = 180 sec. You gather 45 resources in 180 sec. and you will lose around 3 energy per 10 resources = 13.5 energy lost. Lets be generous and put it at 13 energy lost in 180 seconds. You will lose 13 energy + 3 from regen = 10 energy in 180 seconds or 1 energy in 18 seconds. That brings your active play time with kamasylve buff at master 5 gathering to 108 minutes. before you run out of energy. @CM_Valtarra My alt energy will never be able to keep that up. In fact you would need a regen of 13 energy per 3 minutes, to never run out of energy. Like grinders do. They can grind all day without energy investment and without buff and without having to buy magical tools to reduce gathering time (apart from level 5 gathering skill) and still get more silver / h compared to a gatherer. Frankly, this is a terrible game design for life skillers. Luckily, we will get manos gear in time and become way more useful and get way more silver / h. But for now and until then, we really need to get some tuning of numbers here imo.
  8. @CM_Valtarra Greetings! I wanted to take some time gathering data and write down my impression after 2 weeks+ 1. Build - 5 luck - Master 1-5 gathering (update: now Master 10) - Hedgehog T4 - Blessing - Fig Pie - Magic Tools only - Energy over 350 (update: now 367) - CP over 310 2. Issues (without manos in game) and Solutions (-->) Logs - you can get 1-2 logs per proc. This is the lowest rate of resource compared to all other (stone, hides, blood...) and sits at 7550 silver per log. --> The rate should be adjusted to 1-3 logs or the price per log increased to 10k+. Stone - you can get 1-3 (correct me if im wrong) stones per proc. This seems to be balanced, but still on the lower end. Looking at the price of Rough Stone, it sits at 3770 with 49.455 pre orders... --> As you can see, people are not selling that many rough stones. I would suggest increasing the price to at least 7k silver. Fairy Powder from gathering - is a great trash drop we got. I really enjoy this change as a gatherer, however the proc rate feels quite low, even at master 5 gathering. --> If possible, i would suggest increasing the drop rate by 2x at least. We do not have manos in game yet and gathering is heavily lacking behind in silver per hour, if there are no pre orders of 7-9k goods on the market. (Logs excluded, as 1-2 procs reduce the income heavily compared to 1-5 hide drops) Guild life quests need more variety! We have stones, logs, some fish. Would be interesting to get saps and hides or even capture wild horses or cook 5000 of something. 3. Conclusion - incease drop rate of logs to 1-3 or 1-4 or price to 10k+ per log - increase price of rough stone to 7k at least - increase fairy powder from gathering drop rate by 100% = times 2 or more - put in more life guild quests to reach all different branches With imperial trading and gathering and selling all shards and powder and pre orders, being limited by energy and the drawback of buying energy potions to have a more fluid play time, i feel the income from grinding outpases the life skill profession by a good amount. Im aware that the manos update will turn this around and that future updates will then again cover more trash value to help grinding as manos will be very strong otherwise. However, i do feel like little changes can make all the difference for our current content. The fairy powder increase could solve the overall issue until we get manos. But i would heavily advise to do the maths before (i did not!). It may turn out that we need 3x or 4x the amount of powder to come close to a grinding income. My suggestions reflect a broader update to stimulate the market and give more incentive to gatherers and life skillers in general. This could for example also include a reward for capturing wild horses in fairy powder, so that you at least get a certain amount of income not dictated by rng horse skills. I do not know the eta for manos gear, but in the time from now to then i would appreciate some tuning of numbers (like what you did with milk). Thank you for reading!
  9. Before the update, i tried 3x T6 lvl 30 and got 2 T6 F and 1 T6 M.
  10. Looking forward to it! I do have one, always fed and rdy to go. What im referring to is the maximun single proc of logs, which is 1-2 + another 0-2 from hedgehog. Freshly tested for you: logs: 1-2 + another from hedgehog stone: 1-3 + afh sap: 1-4 + afh meat: 1-4 + afh hide: 1-5 + afh Tool: magic or lucky
  11. 1. // The rest is rather mixed. 6G, J and K are x2 from memory.
  12. No, i don't have: 6A, B, E, F, N and everything after.
  13. Yeah, i checked the info on the general news page and saw the awakening with no date (or i missed it 3 times), but telling "will now be able to awaken" so the assumption was made. I rarely check Twitter to be honest. Thank you for giving us a detailed answer! On another note, might i swing in a very recent issue which has nothing to do with this? The rate of logs being gathered - has this always been set to 1-2 at max? I could swear they allowed 1-4 units per proc. But after todays testing, i never got a single 3 or 4 proc out of 3 tools (!) (Artisan 7 btw). Might i kindly ask if this is working as intended?
  14. It does not take long, however there are different things to consider: If you want to experience the main questline, you will get a nice boost to lvl 53/54 and end up in mediah. From there, i recommend grinding to lvl 55 via monster slaying. At 55 you "unlock" the quest "Combat promotion" from the otter trio (should be listed in your quest log). This quest demands you to slay 1300 monsters (500 iron mine, 500 helms and 300 elric), then turn in 10 Blackstones each (20 total) and finally to slay 200 Sausans. You will likely end up at 40%-50% exp lvl 55. Turning the quest in yields about 50% exp, so you will reach 56 by doing it. Awakening is at 56 = new way to play your class = in most cases better dmg/aoe at the cost of skill rotation demand (as your normal attack will be considerably weaker in awakening at first) Another way would be to simply grind monsters via hot spot map and move to a new location when you reach certain lvl thresholds. This is faster, but you will miss out on CP from quests and quest gear/items. I just continue / end the segment with the aspect of you having another choice at 56 to either grind away lvls, do the next main story quest line and or do side quests. Side quests are unique quests which will yield 1% exp to your level at 56 and 57. They are for example: "Get my cat" - done in 5 seconds, 1% exp. Do NOT WASTE these quests early on! I would highly recomment sticking to the main quest line until you hit 56 and then backtrack and do all other quests. It really boosts your level up at the cost of not gaining skill exp. --- Horses, camels, elephants - (and non living) - boats, wagons --- With your definiton: No. You can manage somehow, but the cost of convenience is ultra personal and in my books a clear P2W strategy. I am referring to limiting factors being implement to actively lure you into buying stuff. If you are ok spending around 30$ a month on an online game, you could do quite well with a little investment and then see each transaction as support for the company. --- My favorite part is the package of extremely cool combat coupled with a lot of ways to earn silver. BDO is excepetional in all aspects and while i believe it to be a "first try" game, there is a lot to enjoy. You should check out Crimson Desert - the next level BDO in production right now by PA. With all the opinions i have gathered, Crimson Desert seems to be what Black Desert should have been. Or as i said before; BDO is the first try and CD will be the real deal. Still a long way out and precisely why you can try out BDO. Fun challenge: Write a number on paper - that will be your maximum investment to test out the game. Do not spend more and set a time limit, when your testing period shall come to an end. Sorry for the long answer and detours, hope it was useful!
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