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  1. It does not take long, however there are different things to consider: If you want to experience the main questline, you will get a nice boost to lvl 53/54 and end up in mediah. From there, i recommend grinding to lvl 55 via monster slaying. At 55 you "unlock" the quest "Combat promotion" from the otter trio (should be listed in your quest log). This quest demands you to slay 1300 monsters (500 iron mine, 500 helms and 300 elric), then turn in 10 Blackstones each (20 total) and finally to slay 200 Sausans. You will likely end up at 40%-50% exp lvl 55. Turning the quest in yields about 50% exp, so you will reach 56 by doing it. Awakening is at 56 = new way to play your class = in most cases better dmg/aoe at the cost of skill rotation demand (as your normal attack will be considerably weaker in awakening at first) Another way would be to simply grind monsters via hot spot map and move to a new location when you reach certain lvl thresholds. This is faster, but you will miss out on CP from quests and quest gear/items. I just continue / end the segment with the aspect of you having another choice at 56 to either grind away lvls, do the next main story quest line and or do side quests. Side quests are unique quests which will yield 1% exp to your level at 56 and 57. They are for example: "Get my cat" - done in 5 seconds, 1% exp. Do NOT WASTE these quests early on! I would highly recomment sticking to the main quest line until you hit 56 and then backtrack and do all other quests. It really boosts your level up at the cost of not gaining skill exp. --- Horses, camels, elephants, boats, wagons --- With your definiton: No. You can manage somehow, but the cost of convenience is ultra personal and in my books a clear P2W strategy. I am referring to limiting factors being implement to actively lure you into buying stuff. If you are ok spending around 30$ a month on an online game, you could do quite well with a little investment and then see each transaction as support for the company. --- My favorite part is the package of extremely cool combat coupled with a lot of ways to earn silver. BDO is excepetional in all aspects and while i believe it to be a "first try" game, there is a lot to enjoy. You should check out Crimson Desert - the next level BDO in production right now by PA. With all the opinions i have gathered, Crimson Desert seems to be what Black Desert should have been. Or as i said before; BDO is the first try and CD will be the real deal. Still a long way out and precisely why you can try out BDO. Fun challenge: Write a number on paper - that will be your maximum investment to test out the game. Do not spend more and set a time limit, when your testing period shall come to an end. Sorry for the long answer and detours, hope it was useful!
  2. T5 breeding day: T5 m lvl 30 + T5 f lvl 30 --> T6 f Same male + another T5/30 --> T5 f (Breeding reset used) Same male + a third T5/30 --> T6 f This ups the number of T6 horses to 16 now. No T7 thus far.
  3. Let me break this down, as i think there is some injustice done here. 1. Question was raised to when we on PS4 will get the Margoria update --> Has been answered in the form of it not being in the roadmap, hence not coming this year 2. A conclusion was posed as a question, being that Margoria was before Kama on PC and thus confusion / interest in if that is connected to gather more information To sum it up, the direct question was posted, if we would get Kama before Margoria and directed at the initial reply Up to this point, there is NO DISRESPECT at all for anyone. The last question was written to convey a final conclusion to the matter - but of course we do not know for sure. 3. @Rocketfuel77777 im sorry man, but you were out of line: Your post informs the OP about other factors/issues that have to be taken into consideration when talking about a comparison to PC content. You also gave a direct answer to the question. This is a great answer, informative and conclusive. Then you stab a dagger into the OP with your sentence: " Show some gratitude to the devs.. ?". This is a condescending comment. You judge the OP's intentions to be (possibly) impatient and demanding, telling him/her directly how to better behave. How can you do this? There is no basis for this thus far. So in all fairness, your last sentence is out of line. IF I HAVE MISUNDERSTOOD THIS, PLEASE EDUCATE ME. But im pretty sure that this is quite accurate. 4. OP feels attacked and defends him/herself. I will not dive into that in detail, but there is an exchange of blows. 5. Another user condescends the OP, starting at first with a fair question if the OP's reaction is truly based on the last part of RF77.. comment and then proceeds to pass judgement on the situation: @Tr3nch judges RF77.. comment his/herself as to be not that bad. - Again, in all fairness, the comment WAS bad and totally uncalled for. He/She then argues that the OP overreacted and that he/she would face a problematic time with such a trigger which could cause further issues. So again, while this was probably meant as an educational reply to the OP, you actually did not help at all. What you did was giving your own receptional feedback on how bad or not another persons comment has presented itself to you and made an indirect judgement call towards the OP. ----- I wrote it down in this way to be a neutral party in the small exchange and remind forum users, that words can and often are misunderstood by others. Thus, the way you express yourself has to be as accurate as possible. On the matter of - lets call it - having a thin skin when it comes to criticism, i would argue that we first and foremost come here to ask questions or give feedback to the devs. There is absolutely no need to argue in a disrepectful way. And if the definition of "mannered" or "repsectful" is slightly different for everyone, can we at least try to be mindful with each other? I hope that everyone considers their words more carefully next time, as words are all we have to judge an expression. This is my take on the matter. Thank you for reading
  4. Guys, a guildmate states having bred a T6 female out of a T3 lvl 15 and T5 lvl 27. That would indicate rate 11, as rate 10 only has T6 male as max possible. Can someone confirm this? Need 2 sources
  5. Yeah, but i don't act on it. Tried 4x breeding same colored horses (black/black, white/white, ...) with getting spotted foals and immediately lost interest in it. Priority for me is having T6 lvl 30 and then wait for rate update. If you got any intel on how to pure breed from T3 upwards, feel free to share :).
  6. A T3 lvl 30 m with 2 T4 lvl 30 f + exchange resultet in 2 T5 f and 1 T5 m. T6 still in the making. Get set back by rogue T5s. Hopefully the last batch now.
  7. When you use Evasive Attack + Flow, it should keep the camera fixed like with all other side scrolling attacks. Currently, the camera is set to rotate with your directional command, which results in the tamer using the skill and the camera forcing the next flow attack to fire in the new direction you accidentally turned to. I am 99,9% sure that this is not intended @CM_Valtarra
  8. @CM_Valtarra Greetings! After having dumped a strong opinion about not wanting any loot boxes for money in game, i am very pleased with this event! It is a step in the right direction, promotes game play and gives most play styles a way to take part in it. The next step would be to generally allow pets to be looted as rare drops and we got another box checked.
  9. Well, as you might have gathered there is a lack of elements to mulitple life professions; in comparison to simple trash farming with some random million drop (basilisk belt, rings...), we are supposed to tame horses and sell or breed. Horse skills and level play a part in this. You could be lucky and get a wild T3 sprint horse, which then can be sold for 100.000 to 1 mil. for example (depending on level and other skills) The other thing i have read but never tried, is imperial horse trading = sell the mount to the imperial system and get imperial seals which can be traded in for a crystal that is supposed to be valuable. I take that with caution, as the market situation is pretty bad overall. Gatherers are missing corals (underwater gathering) and ancient spirit dust for caphras stones Alchemy has no shining powder procs from producing any recipe used for alchemy stones Trainers are (highly likely) missing wild T5 horses ...
  10. No clue, sorry. I have 12 T6 now (3 F, 9 M) so in the next week there might be one on the market. But the horse value is pretty discouraging, honestly. If we had wild T5s to tame this would work out, but seeing how many weeks went into breeding those horses form T3 up mostly it is just not worth the effort. I'd rather exchange when possible. Also, some T5s are already faster than T6. All comes down to lvl up rng on speed. The fastest one i've seen so far is sitting at 140% with equipment.
  11. Can confirm this. As of today, my ring menu settings have been reset 3 times after the update coupled with character order reset in the login screen. Due to quitting the game often without using the disconnect function, i hoped for solving the issue with one good old disconnect use (to save the settings in one session). However, this did not work at all. I am currently experiencing both resets again. Edit: All 50+ workers were affected as well, dropping their work units and had do be re assigned again manually... twice. There is now hate growing for this bug, the inconveniance of doing this is over 9000. @CM_Valtarra
  12. It is just insanity and well implemented inconvenience to trigger a 10-20 § transaction. Have been playing on pc before, so i knew the waters. This needs to stop. But for that, all of us have to put in effort and voice criticism. Even if it does not yield results immediately, do not give in! Do not buy loot boxes Do not buy costumes for cron stones (wait for caphras stones) A good basis would be 20-30$ a month at max. Train yourself . Voice criticism in a constructive way and do not give in.
  13. Tried 2 more times with T5 L26 and got another T6 M and a T5 F black. That one caused interested in breeding both black T5s, so i put the rest on hold. Unfun fact: The first T6 trained now reached lvl 18 with an amazing set of 5! learned skills total. I needed to check twice. The other 3 T5s on the wagon are now 20+ with 10+ skills (3 rare ones). The moment that dediced a loathing for cow like looking T6 horses. Anyway, breeding of T6 will probably take a while longer. Maybe early november. Any T7s will be reported immediately
  14. @CM_Valtarra This item has to be put into the game as a rare drop from slaying monsters in PvE As a timed event for killing players during war or bf for PvP As a rare item from gathering/fishing And as reward for producing 10.000+ items with cooking or alchemy (amount can be anywhere from 10.000 to 100.000) By adding a pearl tag to it, PA once again misses a great chance to promote extra game play for $. Please send this feedback over. It is high time to move away from loot boxes (with % chance posted) and embrace actual (further) promotion via game play
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