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  1. <ShadowZodiac> is an active guild, which was founded by two of the coolest nerds you'll ever meet. Now under new leadership with a team of dedicated officers ready to help you when needed. Our focus is PVE and Lifeskilling. This is not a PVP guild. We’re looking for like-minded individuals that want to enjoy all the game has to offer. Whether it is horse breeding, fishing, creating a node empire, trading or grinding right now all are welcome if you’re cool and active. We have players from all time zones with an active discord. Stop in and say hi! https://discord.gg/vp8N2GK Medium Guild | Size: 38 / 45 (Guild attendance unlocked!) Guild Skills: Acc + 3, AP + 5, DP + 2, Gathering + 3, Fishing + 3 All Levels welcome, No GS requirement Contact: Guild Master [Family: Thorgart - Character: FenrirL] PSN: PlagueGNM Officer [Family: Kuradeel - Character: Dyner] PSN: CookieMnstrEv Officer [Family: Swiftwind - Character: Isadore] PSN: Hypoticangel99 Officer [Family: Phyrewing - Character: Jacara] PSN: Firew1ng Guild Founders/Discord Moderators: Valdori and Asinqua Grimnoir We can usually be found out and about on S2 We often attend bosses as a group for fun We run guild quests alone or in teams We will take pleasure defending our lifeskiller fam from Reds Expectations: Be an active player. Not expected daily but if you’re just not gonna play at all then this isn’t the right guild for you. Be open to contributing to the guild. We’re probably going to dabble in a variety of things and while you aren’t expected to do all of them, if you just intend to only solo this isn’t the right guild for you. If you have ideas share them, if you have strategies on how to make silver quick, bring them! We love meta-gaming and will do the same for you. Be respectful of other members, and just people in general. Nothing against PKing or other forms of PVP but be classy about it. Goals: Create a self sufficient community of players able to rely on each other Maintain a positive atmosphere that is new player friendly World Boss group attendance for those who want to do PVE While general chat is fairly rampant with trolls, this type of behavior wouldn't be tolerated within the guild. Be courteous. Thanks for checking out the post! If you're interested in joining, reply here with your info or hit us up in game.
  2. Receiving the same error message after a small 600mb update.
  3. I am also interested in joining, but the discord link is not working. PSN: hypnoticangel99 Discord: hypnoticangel99#7990 Let me know how to join you. Thanks!
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