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  1. I sent you a community invite moon. Jump in and you talk to vesh he can invite you or I will be on this evening.
  2. <Titans> is looking for new and old players. We are a PVX guild. We are a friendly and helpful bunch. We have a PS4 community and discord.
  3. Community invites have been sent. I will be online after 6 pm PST.
  4. Hey guys, I will send you community invites once I am able. You can message me (PSN: Karves) if you guys have any questions and I we can get those invites sent.
  5. Community invite sent Saizuta
  6. Sent ps4 community to both of you. PM me in game for invite (Xaster)
  7. <Titans> are looking for new and old players to grow and have fun. No GS or level required just that you be active. Looking for members and officers.
  8. Hey are you still looking for a guild?
  9. Titans are looking for new and old players. We are a PVX guild looking to grow and have fun. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
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