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  1. I agree with you in xbox we have the same problem a bunch of witchtards spawn killing the worst part was both sides were doing it lol
  2. This is all I can do for you buddy I don't know how to help @CM_Valtarra
  3. Don't listen to deathz angel he doesn't know anything since he hasn't experienced the game people don't attack you without reason like savages and no 63 doesn't take a year 😂 im already 62 and I made this character a month ago there's so many ways to level up
  4. First 55 levels are easy Riding animals you have horses,camels and elephants So p2w that depends on how you look at it sure you can pay your way to the top but itll take hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do that I personally play on xbox and the only thing I pay for is the value pack which is sort of like a premium subscription it gives 10% exp, 16 extra inventory slots, like 100 more weight, unlimited use of the coloring outfits feature and you can change your appearance any time oh and a tax cut when you sell stuff on the central market (that's the trading system) now with that said I am 552 gs and the top guilds ask for 520+ so yes you can get good gear without paying your way to the top. My favorite part of the game is killing monsters to get more silver and the occasional pvp
  5. It has also happened to me but the way I've fixed it is by doing the skill again and hoping I target an enemy and it gets me out
  6. Nobody knows anything there's never release dates until like 5 days before they're out but it's not in the roadmap so not this year
  7. They do not have 1vs1 but they do have a 3vs3 in PC which they'll be adding at some point
  8. It's just you and maybe 2 or 3 other people asking for pve servers I don't see how that is remotely close to "enough people" or enough to wear them down and we have explained many times why pve servers would be a bad thing but you wouldn't understand that cause you don't play
  9. Yea that's cool but how are you wearing them down?
  10. Why are you so sure? And how are you wearing them down? I'm honestly curious
  11. @CM_Valtarra to the rescue?
  12. Oh and one more thing even if they fix all of the rendering issues by tomorrow you won't play cause nO pVE sErVERs so why do you care? You know they wont add the pve servers so really why haven't you moved on?
  13. Most people knew it was a pvp game and why do you complain so much about pvp?? I honestly don't understand you you haven't tried to go with at least one character beyond 49 but the truth is with the reputation you have now it wouldn't surprise me if people farm you if you do that just for lulz
  14. In PC they have a 3vs3 arena kinda thing I heard them say they want to add that on xbox soo that would include ps4 as well
  15. Then your input isn't valid how would you know anything about the game when you don't play it and what you have played is the starting area SINCE MARCH
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