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  1. They said on today's stream they're 99.9% sure pve servers will never happen
  2. Oh no now you're on the ps4 forums
  3. Processing menu and almost at the end there's imperial cooking
  4. Oh and you guys are getting new classes and awakening on the 25th of this month (its on Twitter) please stop complaining ps4 obviously has the devs focus..
  5. If they really think the devs are focusing on xbox they're special kind of dumb I mean we got a wagon A WAGON for our update.. oh yes I feel the devs attention lol
  6. This is funny tbh your games been out for 3 weeks you have mediah,fields bosses,node wars and 2 classes and other stuff I don't care to remember point is it took us 2 months or so to get that stuff in xbox lol calm down... as for the performance issues xbox also has them
  7. Because people expect free pen gear with no effort
  8. Did you get all x3 6k pearls? If you did and refunded 2 of them and you still used/spent all of them then yeah you get banned
  9. Although I agree with you this was posted in the xbox forum just so you know
  10. After that stream.. I lost interest in this game first they say the classes will break the game (performance issues) which is a lie they thought on the spot and then they say t8 horses are not in the game cause they're too fast for the game BUT they didn't have problems saying they were in the game already a few weeks back... okay cool yeah okay
  11. The only way to play in NA is by buying the game and playing the game in a NA account
  12. I swear these kids think every player out there is waiting to hunt them lol
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