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  1. In one single batch kinda like awakening did, at least that would make sense to me.
  2. They did mention they'd do this on their stream and it's on the patch notes.. it's done so characters get rendered faster reducing "lag" by making them look in default clothing.
  3. Do you even know how easy it is to get 240 ap with kutum? You don't need super high end gear like at all, all you need is bartali logs completed, the 2 free kamasylve earrings you get at tri(basically free tri witchs earrings),tri seraphs,tri basi,tri cres ring,capotia ring , and ofc tet weapons. Considering you're talking about black star which is one of the hardest items to enhance in the game everything I mentioned should be easy to achieve.
  4. When crossplay happened they mentioned it on their stream accounts are console locked
  5. He said Witchards witch + wizard = witchards
  6. I am being kind. theres also the guild notice and the other guild message ,the tools are there.
  7. Write a ticket but I don't know if theyll help
  8. On console theres no 530% scrolls. Stackable buffs would be 6 outfit parts extra 10% ,milk tea ( I don't remember %) ,exp crystals 10% each (helmet) ,church buff (dont know %),villa buff (you need a tent and villa pass or book of the old moon. 10% I believe) also book of the old moon I think its 100% and some pets give combat exp but that depends on tier. There's better places to farm such as fogans,pollys or blood wolf settlement. For sp and combat exp pollys is the best place.
  9. To get the new armor dont you need a pen maxed caphras piece?
  10. Some skills need a certain level at lv60 you unlock all skills
  11. Linxz

    Cron meals

    So like can we get them soon? Or at least let the devs we want them please very please? @CM_Valtarra
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