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  1. I wonder who was crazy enough to take the karma hit to farm a few low levels
  2. Mate I've seen you ask for Portuguese language to be added in the game but they're only adding languages for the countries the game is available in they only have EU and NA servers and Brazil isn't in north america as far as I know
  3. Kamasylve renewal?? Wat
  4. They don't have pollys yet so skeletons work better for now I think
  5. Did you unsort the inventory? This has happened to me quite a few times and this has fixed it every single time
  6. So all you have to do is "unsort" your inventory I don't remember if its left or right stick just press both see what happens then you hold the items with "x" and move it to an available spot
  7. Your friend is a coward and a weakling
  8. They have said in streams pve servers will never happen so yes they have addressed it a few times actually
  9. Enjoy your holidays! Have a great time!
  10. I agree with you in xbox we have the same problem a bunch of witchtards spawn killing the worst part was both sides were doing it lol
  11. This is all I can do for you buddy I don't know how to help @CM_Valtarra
  12. Don't listen to deathz angel he doesn't know anything since he hasn't experienced the game people don't attack you without reason like savages and no 63 doesn't take a year 😂 im already 62 and I made this character a month ago there's so many ways to level up
  13. First 55 levels are easy Riding animals you have horses,camels and elephants So p2w that depends on how you look at it sure you can pay your way to the top but itll take hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do that I personally play on xbox and the only thing I pay for is the value pack which is sort of like a premium subscription it gives 10% exp, 16 extra inventory slots, like 100 more weight, unlimited use of the coloring outfits feature and you can change your appearance any time oh and a tax cut when you sell stuff on the central market (that's the trading system) now with that said I am 552 gs and the top guilds ask for 520+ so yes you can get good gear without paying your way to the top. My favorite part of the game is killing monsters to get more silver and the occasional pvp
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