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  1. @CM_Valtarra please do something about this having the "i" censored is way too idiotic and makes it nearly impossible to use the chat
  2. I made a witch just recently just for lulz 269 aap and I'm getting way more kills than I ever did on my mystic. All I have to do is jump into a group do 2 skills I get at least 5 kills lol it's pretty braindead. As for the person above I have no idea what they tried to say
  3. Uhm what? What's going on? I don't understand what you're trying to say here?
  4. Just wait a month and use a transfer coupon on the kutum and sell the rest to buy a tet dande or tri
  5. There's an npc you speak to in the desert he gives you the buff for 100 energy it lasts an hour and any trade manager in Valencia works
  6. Yeah deleting the character resets your timer so saving those names didn't help you at all
  7. It is known they talked about it during the stream and will look for other ways to prevent this
  8. I agree the pets need to be killed and they need to be nerfed somehow in rbf the top point holders are always wizards/witches
  9. That's what makes more sense , if not well you'll both get the name exchange coupon and you better camp the name.
  10. No I understand your question is actually interesting . Unless they remove that feature it'll be easy to find other console players.
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