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  1. This is a bit off topic but a basic question : does our game have to be on at home for us to sell things using the app?
  2. Ok I figured it out. Still not really sure how but here I am with my of email and linked account.
  3. I tried to make an account to post on forums using my email and I got a message saying that I am not allowed to make an account on this site? So then I tried to open up a ticket using the same info and it told me I did not pass security check? I did the captcha and verification correctly. Could it be that I used the same email on my bdo PC account? I created a new email and it worked fine but my PS4 account is linked to my first email. Exact same issue with the BDO app. Can't use my email that I have linked to my account so I had to make a new one. What's going on here?
  4. Hi could we get more node information on the map? Like what resources are available at the nodes? I mean specifically like copper or zinc rather than just a mining icon. I've been having to look up on a website which resources are at which nodes and I feel like I shouldn't have to. Why not just make the console PS4 map the same as the of map? As well as in workshops could we maybe see what materials are needed to craft armor in the armor workshops for example?
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