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  1. I have come here to complain about the exact same thing. Is someone at Pearl Abyss having a sick joke or maybe the CEO's kids play the wizard. I have been building a Shai tank, so far my stats are DP 383, Health 4011, Damage resistance against all types +12 even before the patch Wizards such as JohnyLesh and similar who dominate Red Battlefield every day kill my Shai (While buffed) in between 1 and 2 seconds. I have got to the point with Black Desert where I wish I could get all the money and time back that I have spent on the game. I Loved the game overall, it started out as the best MMO I have ever played in my 38 YEARS of gaming, but the performance issues and OP classes, in particular, Wizard and Sorceress have drained all of the enjoyment out of the game. It's a real shame. I am going to be editing my reviews on Metacritic etc to a 0 or 1 star reviews. The performance issues are especially shocking, my almost new PS4 Pro can hardly cope. I am pretty sure that this has been a very badly executed port of the PC version and then rushed release just to generate income while they try and fix the game. For example, why are we getting UI updates seemingly as a priority when there are still these horrific performance issues. Crippling frame rate lag and freezing, can't load textures, objects or other players, running up against invisible walls when you are on an open road. It really is a disgrace considering how much we spent on the Ultimate Edition and subsequent micro transactions. I won't be spending another penny on this game that's for sure.
  2. I came here to report the same. After installing Patch 1.27 I cannot create custom navigation points, cannot navigate to any mobs or bosses. Can only navigate to towns and cities. That patch has destroyed one of the best elements of the game.
  3. Hahaha. I would if I could take the grind, the thought of trying to get another character to 61 makes me want to vomit lol
  4. You're welcome. Latest patch seems to have made this even worse. The frame rate lag is making the game almost unplayable. I won't be spending anymore money on BDO until these issues are fixed. Thanks for looking into it. Both teams have over 1000 kill points. I can't even see a enemy to even attempt to try and kill.
  5. Hate.....pure unadulterated hatred of the over powered Wizards, Witches and Sorceress who completely melt me even when I have 350 DP. Everyone I know has quit playing on PS4 because of this and the grind.
  6. This making me so angry, After spawning I move to where my team is, cannot see any enemies and then die because the enemy were there it is just they have not loaded on my screen. I thought the PS4 Pro would have an advantage over PS4 but obviously not, after this happening so many times I have realised that some people can see each other because they are fighting. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
  7. I have been experiencing exactly the same thing Danny, I was going to post about this and found your thread. I noticed the change in drop rates 2 days ago. I would normally get 50 - 70 black stones at Cadry and a ton of weapon drops. After doing my normal daily grind I got 1 armour stone and 7 weapon stones. I moved to Desert Fogans yesterday. After killing over 2000 (I know it was over 2K because I am using Marni stones) I had virtual no item or black stone drops. I made just over 3 million silver for over 2000 kills and collecting every drop. I was going to ask if this is something to do with Mystic because I was using a level 60 Lahn prior to the new update and I am now using a level 57 Mystic, is she broken or has loot drops been broken or nerfed? The other thing that makes this EVEN WORSE is that I am using a KAMASYLVE'S BLESSING , was on ARSHA server and my Cadry node is rank 10. My knowledge item drop rate is 7%. I activated the blessing the day after noting the very low drop rates I am now getting. I should be getting 20% more and it seems I am getting even less. I am going to keep a log of my drops and if anyone else is doing the same perhaps we can post them here and see if this is only affecting some players.
  8. There is a bug report about this on the forums here. Someone said they got the quest line by doing Calpheon quests.
  9. Hi. I have 4 days left on my current value pack. If I activate a new one will the 4 days be lost or will it add the new days +4?
  10. Thanks for the info. I will finish my Calpheon Quests
  11. This quest is bugged https://bdocodex.com/us/quest/3035/1/ Unable to pick up any of the tame raccoons and complete the quest.
  12. I was wondering why I was getting no quest line to update the dim items. I ended up selling them to an NPC as trash I think. I presume I am now going to miss out on a good set or is there away to pick those quests up again and get the items back?
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