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  1. This is a video of a guardian but exactly the same bug as the warrior. And - also as he describes - a lot against wizards.
  2. After the grab you see the animation of the opponent that he is thrown to the ground. That does not happen the opponent can normally carry out his skills. You yourself are caught in the animation and usually die. Start report march/2020
  3. Yes, I noticed it too. Then why a sort function anyway? So that you have to constantly refresh them? It was better for me before.
  4. With me things don't move up in space anymore when I store something. I have to move to the things now every time that annoys me already. Bug or feature?
  5. After char switch the game crash and I can not log into the game again Edit: Was a MS live problem. Works now!
  6. The name will be updated after the next server maintenance. At least that's what the description says
  7. Welcome, the first thing you need to know about the basics. Have a look here and work yourself in slowly. www.blackdesertfoundry.com Have fun in the game.
  8. I play with 4-5 chars "active" thats not easy to now for all. Sure, thats my "problem" but my suggestion would be at least a start, certainly not the optimal solution but better than nothing - as is the case at the moment. Again, when I press X (on the bufffood), I see the thumbnail from the bufffood and below the description. Just make the icons under the thumbnail, that's enough Now you can see what you have to take based on the duration or you don't see the icons, so take it. The best thing would of course be to see the active bufffoods in the options or in the inventory. I think we are still far, far away from a mouse(over) function with which you can maybe even set your own UI as it is possible on the pc or view directly the effect from the food.
  9. Bump Make the same icons on the bufffood itself so you can at least recognize it
  10. Found nothing in the patchnotes but thank you. https://bddatabase.net/us/item/17938/ ­čś▓
  11. The price for horse recreation has risen sharply or bug? Won't make me poor but carrots are cheaper btw ..
  12. I have 2 parts in the marketplace that were before the update +10 now they are +8. Does anyone else have this issue? These were green weapons from the awakening quest. EDIT: Was probably a crossplay patch issue. There was already compensation.
  13. Why offtop? They say: 1. Contrary to what is said here they test things 2. Who says the potato mode is not meant? For me it all makes sense what they write but I read first the German interview and it sounds a little different. Especially the part where they write: Dar├╝ber hinaus sind wir dabei, weitere Optimierungen zu planen. Das hei├čt noch nicht, dass mit diesen die noch vorhandenen Probleme garantiert sofort behoben werden k├Ânnen. Jedoch werden wir weiterhin so sorgf├Ąltig wie m├Âglich interne Tests ausf├╝hren sowie kleinere und gr├Â├čere Arbeiten durchf├╝hren. Dadurch m├Âchten wir sicherstellen, dass unsere Abenteurer nicht nur die verschobenen Updates wie Rang-8-Pferde oder Kamasilvia, sondern auch unsere angek├╝ndigten neuen Inhalte f├╝r das erste Halbjahr 2020 erleben k├Ânnen. They publish an interview so there is communication with the player base.
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