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  1. In the meantime, I just find it embarrassing what the customer is offered in terms of performance. Apparently after each patch there are additional problems with the optimization and one is inclined to the developers running out of solutions. In the RBF, for example, despite the new options (effects etc.), freeze framing occurred after the patch, some of which last 1-2 seconds. In a pvp match these are worlds and it is inconceivable that this is not noticed in advance. How can you offer something like this in an action combat system? Are you only testing on xbox x with ssd? Is this the new minimal configuration for the game? Will the game ever achieve a reasonable performance on all the consoles offered? When?? EU, pure 1s, wired
  2. Bump 5 months later Still there Velia House 2-1
  3. When sowing, the planting is reset when someone is nearby. No idea what the one does, whether he plants or harvests but resets it. This can be very annoying if you have to constantly choose new ones.
  4. According to the "loot table" the gloves are available. Offin Tett not. https://bddatabase.net/us/npc/41048/ This is certainly not a 100% statement since we have different versions of pc to console but I think it will be similar.
  5. Still some issues??
  6. Until yesterday it was "ok" for me but this patch destroyed everything. btw. for this game you don't need an x or an ssd, so it is at least in the description of the Xbox Shop where the game is offered. I would have no problem if they said for xbox x only, best performance with SSD. Many other players and I would not have bought the game, even with f2p I would not have installed it but so ...
  7. The game has been freezing indescribably since yesterday. I've never seen it this bad before and I've been playing on console for over 6 months with various problems. The rendering problem has also gotten worse. Somehow nothing gets better, it just gets worse. Nobody can tell me that this would not have been noticed on the test servers. So why is this published? Edit add specifications: Localization: EU Platform: xbox s ; no ssd ; wired Edit add fixed news: This issue was fixed at 04/04/20 https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=3734&category=0
  8. EU Xbox S This bug already existed before the drieghan patch. Now it occurs more frequently. It doesn't matter whether you use the ring menu or the option menu
  9. I can confirm that. btw. not just the MP also other NPCs too
  10. This is the console forum PC and console are different
  11. This is a video of a guardian but exactly the same bug as the warrior. And - also as he describes - a lot against wizards.
  12. After the grab you see the animation of the opponent that he is thrown to the ground. That does not happen the opponent can normally carry out his skills. You yourself are caught in the animation and usually die. Start report march/2020
  13. Yes, I noticed it too. Then why a sort function anyway? So that you have to constantly refresh them? It was better for me before.
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