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  1. Yeea, I've been waiting for an hour then it pops up. The population in EU seems to be very low. But - it works 😂
  2. The price is only valid for items with full durability. If you use the things and they have no durability anymore, you only get one silver.
  3. AGAIN. The same Problem at the same house - slowly it get on my nerves. Hello Mr. Developer should I restart the game every time now - how long? How would you react to all the problems in the game?
  4. Do you know that? The option is currently at 80 players. This is far too high and would have to be lower adjustable. In Tera online, for example, there is a similar function, here you can set the number yourself.
  5. It drops from grinding mobs, gathering and fishing. At the beginning it was very easy now it looks like they lower the droprate but also it takes some time. I dont know if these quest works at xbox but you can take a look https://bdocodex.com/us/quest/3064/1/?sl=1
  6. https://www.blackdesertfoundry.com/fairy-guide/
  7. It SUCKS I have 2 workers with the same lvl, race, node ect. but they have different skills. For example, I can not see at a workshop which skills the worker has, but that is crucial. You can not even tell from the order in the selection. Now I've picked the wrong worker (50-50 rng style) and MUST wait 45min. until he has done the job and then can only select the other worker. That's pretty thought-out and damned annoying. That must be known and urgently changed. Mr. Developer we need a kind of mouse over function to recognize what skills the worker has. Thanks
  8. I have just used the following skill on my berserk: Lava Piercer I It has a cd of 8 seconds at this level. The skill was gray for 23 seconds and then started to work. The same effect I've already observed with my Wizard: Skill only gray with no effect and starts much later. What can this be? After a while, it works correctly.
  9. I just tested it on my lvl 59 shai. At least I'm in the matchmaking tool. I not enter because in EU it takes forever before it pops but the tool works so I think it works. Check it out in the questbook if you've done all the quests that relate to the awakening: combo quests, etc.
  10. It looks like after a purchase with pearls the pets disappear. This happened to me yesterday (buy a new pet) after a purchase and today (buy a costume) again. The pets are not displayed and have disappeared. You had to start the game again then they were back.
  11. Not realizable. The game is based on spotfights and that's why PvP is necessary. Take it easy and honestly I play 4 months EU and may have died 3x. I can grind at any time at the best singelspots according to my gs. There are so many free spots and if not you can play as a karma bomber no, no, no dont do that XD I was at the big bandits spot recently and a wizard came by. He definitely had better equipment. He did not kill me (that was probably under his honor XD) but just swept over me and left the spot empty and continued to pull his round. No chance for me to get some tokens. So I moved to a smaller spot and it was ok for me. Netx time I have better gear and then I grab it myself hahaha btw. the fastest kliispeed classes at a PvE Server having the fastest pets can outgrinding you. One T4 Pet costs with good luck 80 € x5 = 400 € only for the pets What I mean is that it comes out the same. Big fish eats small fish
  12. Nr. 2-1 EU Server: S1 I change some chars - no entry at any players house at 2-1 no numers over the door. What I'm doing wrong? EDIT: Restarts the game helps but it is a bug. Unfortunately not understandable as originated.
  13. Hahaha 😀 nice try. Do you know Don Quixote? Let me tell you a shortly story. You go to a store and buy a new car. After a few days, you notice that the car has some issues. You go back to the store and the staff tells you: This business here was just created to provide a meeting place where other customers can meet to discuss their problems with the car. For solutions they turn confidently to the employee from the manufacturer. But you also think the car is good and you like it so you turn to some like-minded people. You tell them about the bugs. The door does not open you say and you get some tips: just do not use the door or step through the trunk in the car or buy a new car - best the same brand. But never try to fix the door because you know it can take a long time - if it ever happens. You look around at the rooms and suddenly realize that the car has a lot of problems and it seems the door has a very low priority. Please do not get me wrong, thank you for your answer but do you think this is the right way? Would you do that with a car too? Really? Because if not, so why not? I think we both know the answer but is not it amazing and interesting to watch this effect at/with so many ppl?
  14. Hi, for example: I produce 1 cooking utensil. After completion, the worker finishes his activity. After a few hours my worker empire needs beer. I have a lot of workers, I click on RT + A for refresh beer and then on RT + X so that production is resumed by all workers. The worker with the cooking utensil starts again but he should not because the storage gets full and stops the production. I can cancel the job when he works but after refresh beer he wants to start again the last job. It there an option to cancel the job for this worker?
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