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  1. Thanks. I'm 164 ap 180 dp. I'll start pushing for more accuracy then.
  2. see FFXIV as his prime example of flawless quality pretty graphics running with many many players on screen.
  3. thanks.not looked yet(leveling new character) but i have TRI Yuria,full asulas and 15+ jubre on SORC.
  4. where do you see total accuracy on PS4
  5. Obviously,but that doesn't answer the question i asked as to "WHY" they do it....
  6. Anyone know why? It seems very odd and just adds pointless steps. Surely if we pay for these things the talents should be active by default. Sick of enabling them multiple times a day or even not knowing they aren't on to begin with.
  7. yes,1 pet drops from world bosses
  8. i bought a container in heidel back in the beggining.picked it up,returned it,sold the property,then moved to calpheon.when i ask the storage npc at calpheon for a container he says conditions not met.so i went back to heidel,tried to rent one there and it also says conditions not met. so i currently cannot rent a container no matter where i go.is this a bug? thanks
  9. any ideas how to pick up fencing on ps4.for the life of me i just cant figure it out lol
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