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  1. Million from gold bars , silver every day and I think their called anicent coins. just sell it. I've repaired the bow twice but had enough of that wastefulness. I'm level 52 btw, my other weapon is the small dagger/blade, I don't know what you mean by accuracy offhand. ! or Asula. I only have 2 items levelled up , bow at 14 helmet at 14 as that was a find from a mob. Is pri and duo some kind of level. ? . I'm stuck at elric shrine with required AP 95-150 and a bow at 60AP Storm.
  2. Hi everyone. I've only played about 50 hours on this and I can't help but feel this game is far to complexed , time consuming in bizarre ways. Construction of items is pointless. It takes me 20 seconds to fill a cup from a water source but only a few seconds to cut a tree. I have a bow "Bares" which will not last a day of questing, its only green but +14. I can't make these and durability loss is ridiculous and cost near 7 million to fix, why bother when an ultimate will last and last. ? I feel completely disillusioned with this but love these types of game. I'm struggling with the main quest line as my bow is just not up to the task of 65-150AP . so what am I missing , I don't get it lol.. With multiple character and 1 dedicated to all skills, this game seriously need an in-depth instructions on progression. I seriously haven't figured what I'm missing, any info would be helpful. thanks Storm.
  3. None of these actually deal with the issue of unaccepted quest, I'm level 51 and this is also the case for me. I'm unable to progress this story even though I know who and where I have to go to as i simply cannot accept the quest as the button doesn't appear.
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