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  1. I just rebooted my router with the reset button and everything worked again. This error code is definitely a NAT error... Why did it occur? No idea, but it occured
  2. More information about my problem : If I share my 4G network using my cellphone, I can login to the game correctly. So this actually means the problem is my router which also makes sense with other threads talking about this issue that were mentionning NAT problems. Restarting my router might fix it.
  3. Bump The maintenance did not fix it... I still can't connect for some reason. I still get the same error message
  4. I have never encountered problems yet except when beta started. This error was present at beta but I have never seen it again. Today, I have changed my Xbox language settings to be able to share item names with people who I play with but when I attempted to login after that, I keep retrieving the BEC_000/800C000B error message. I don't understand why I'm having this and how to fix it. Thanks you very much for your help. My gamertag is : Troli King
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