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  1. I already tried and it didn't work. I sent a message to you
  2. I already did it several days ago and nobody answered my ticket
  3. someone help me please I've tried everything and nothing works
  4. I've tried everything. I try to play with my internet since launching on ps4 and it never goes beyond the server choice screen. game destiny 2, TESO, the division 2 and several other online games and it never happens. I already sent a ticket and nobody helped me because my account is Brazilian and I made an American account just to buy the game. it makes me very sad, sorry for my english. I try to enter the game almost every day in the hope that it will work.
  5. I just submitted a ticket. I hope this problem is fixed. thanks for listening
  6. no, it's still the same. I tried several times and it doesn’t enter the game
  7. several updates and I still can't join the game
  8. I come here once again with my connectivity problem, since the launch of the game on ps4 I do not consciously connect. The only game I have this problem with is black desert. However on the internet of my neighbor realized that the game connects on my ps4, I contacted my provider, they helped me in any way possible and nothing worked. I am from Brazil and my internet is reasonable because game destiny 2 and other mmorpgs without problem. If anyone can help me I appreciate it.
  9. it didn't work for me, it's still not coming in
  10. I bought the game at launch and never got in, the same error always happens. updated and nothing has been corrected nor if you want to answer me here in the forum. I do not know what else to do
  11. this is not beta, already downloaded and uninstalled the game about 5 times, formatted my ps4 and nothing changes.
  12. I play destiny 2, monster hunter, skyforge, TERA etc. This only happening in black desert.
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