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  1. I've quit the game now cause of the lack of caphras and capotia crafting. Blew ~5 bil trying to make either a Tri Tung ear or ogre ring, and I refuse to grind another 50+ hours at Polly's for nothing. I'll be back once those 2 things and Drieghan are out and progression is worthwhile/attainable again.
  2. Valid in as much as rifts aren't lucrative enough to set them as a top priority over other money methods, but instanced pve (bossing) is something I really enjoy. When I burn out and don't want to grindus maximus any more, I can typically take a break by spending an hour or 2 travelling around and bossing. That way I can change it up while still progressing through combat. If I get crons, great. If I get a smashable boss acc or something I can melt for yonas/sharps/hards, great. It's enough for me to refocus and have some fun while also getting a chance at a quick silver boost or stocking up on crons for my next enhancing session.
  3. To some degree, I agree. I prefer memes to crons as base tier event loot. That said, crons are far from worthless. It takes 14 crons to protect lemoria duo armor going to tri, which goes from 140m->300m. They are far from worthless, just the obvious use may not always be the smartest. Boss tet attempts are prohibitively expensive if cronning and eliminate the ability to make pen stacks. Crons will also be a necessity when attempting to awaken coursers in the next few months. My advice for every Korean mmo, if it seems worthless to you now, hoard it and wait till you have a use for it. Never vendor items until you are 1 million% sure you don't need it. But yea, this doesn't belong in bug reports...
  4. A fellow guild member showed me how to submit tickets through the website so this post is just a placeholder for posting the results for other players who may experience the same thing. Post Edit: Gm confirmed the fairy is still active and connected to my account. Told me to add fairy info to my ring menu (which was already done on 3 different ring menus to make sure the bug wasn't in that) and upon logging in today my fairy is back. Currently, afaik, the issue triggers when I've left my Xbox on for hours at a time and I disconnect due to router/ISP resetting. Maybe it's taking it's 15/30 minute break 😛 Force quitting the app didn't restore it, hard resetting console does not fix it, but at least currently the fairy has returned. Will continue updating if I can definitively recreate the issue and or determine the triggers. ___________________________________________________ Xbox NA Balenos 3 - Valencia 2,3 - Mediah 2 Hi there, I noticed a couple days ago that my fairy symbol was gone and my fairy is not flying around me. I don't remember releasing or doing anything to lose my fairy and I didn't put it away. The game acts like I don't have one. When trying to open the fairy info nothing happens. I waited a couple days to see if it would come back but now need some help. It's a t3 with unwanted skills but still took a lot of petals to acquire. Thank you, Konouchi
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