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  1. Hello all, I have put up a bug report about this, but was wondering if one of you lovely people here may be able to help me! The guild NPC states that clan/guild names have to be between 3 and 16 character long, does anyone know if this is incorrect? The c/g name I want to use is exactly 16 characters long, uses no spaces, special characters or numbers. Does anyone know the actual max character count for a c/g name? Is it less than it states? I have also tried 15 characters and the game says that's also too long to use? If you require more info please feel free to take a quick look at my bug report. Thanks in advance! Prone.
  2. Hello, I dont know if anyone else is having this problem with making a guild, but the game states that guild/clan names must be between 3 and 16 characters. This is fine. The problem I am having is that the guild name I am trying to use, which is 16 characters long, as shown below. Is being rejected. And get this, it's rejected for apparently being too long? P***T***P******s Now, I know I can count but let's break it down just to make sure. P***, that's 4, right? T***, that's another 4? P******s, and that's 8? As shown above there are no spaces between each word, so let's do the math. 4+4=8 8+8=16 16= The maximum character count allowed in guild name! Can someone, please, tell me why, in the name of simple maths, am I having a problem here? Please note, I have used '*' to hide the name I am trying to use, with some of the letters shown. The name is made up of three words, I have used capitals to show each new word, I have used no spaces or special characters. I have also tried, without the 's' at the end, reducing the character count to 15, however, the problem persists! Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Prone
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