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  1. Vain, thank you for the info. I will check out the site you mentioned.
  2. Yeah I am still learning the game. Just got my feet wet with nodes over the weekend and had 10 Yuria Axes I used for my +15, it took me a week and a half to get there. I haven't finished the main quest, I'm currently farming at abandoned mine for good drops to sell to make more silver. I really love the grind it is very fun, can not wait to work on my alts.
  3. I see that we are getting ready for the desert. From the promotion it seems that the next update on September 25th is going to include the new area of Valencia, which will make grinding to 60+ much easier.
  4. Also first world boss and area bosses are available. All the information for the patch is on BD+
  5. Sorry V, I joined a Guild early yesterday, currently in a contract for 30 days. If you are still available then I will shoot a request.
  6. What I hope is the programmers do weekly updates and continue to roll out the classes and the other features xb1 and PC has.
  7. I'm on Belidos 1 can I join? PSN is Arrakis1. Big Dune fan if you could not tell lol😉
  8. Sorry was typing on phone quickly. Lol love the nose comments. I'm really looking forward to ninja and dark knight
  9. According the the news, we get a new patch on Wednesday. Nose wars and 2 clashes. No word on what classes though, what a bummer.
  10. Can you please add the capability to search for NPC locations on the map?
  11. Hi, I ran into this problem as well. I acadently deleted the game and then reloaded it on my ps4. After doing this I was able to gather my items attached to the mail sent. This may help you as well.
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