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  1. I see, I'll keep that in mind because as new as I am pvp isn't my strong suit Noted
  2. I see thank you for your feedback ! Much appreciated.
  3. I thought that but there are also players who came from xbow/pc. Doesn't hurt to try but as for the youtube thing that is what I'm up to currently.
  4. I've done a bit of googling trying to find thoughts on DK regarding pve (don't care much for pvp) and its like every post is about pvp. I'm new don't know much about the class other than the vague youtube videos. Care to share what you know about it ?
  5. I've tried Sausan's and honestly I got wrecked lol, I thought I was strong enough but...nope I stay clear from there. Pirates I didn't even know existed until maybe 6 hours ago but I don't own a boat so by the time I get there it'll probably be over run. I'm a ranger and Soldiers graveyard was pretty slow for me but I didn't see anyone so hopefully when I gear up I can head there and see how well I can handle it.
  6. I see, I'll keep that in mind. I haven't been jumped often but it happens here and there. I also noticed in places like Helms post or Manes there's a lot of people willing to fight you just be being there..but that being said thank you for the advice its pretty scarce for noobs.
  7. I'm pretty new to Black Desert and I was curious about grinding spots because if you google all you ever see is Helms, Sausan(correct my spelling if I'm wrong),Manes and Elric. Are there any other spots that aren't too populated? I kind of want to avoid getting jumped by people because they're a lot far off in terms of gear than I am.
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